Thursday, June 4, 2015

How will I marry him with his kids?

Good day ma and may God continue to bless you!
Am 26 in a relationship with a 33 years old guy, we have been dating for a year now, we both love each year other, he has three kids with a lady but not married to her yet, mean while I knew about his kids and the mother of the kids they all live together, but he is asking me to marry him. But my problem now is how will I marry him when he has kids and they all stay together, I asked him what he will happen to her and his children, he said he will settle her by giving her comfort and her needs, but am not okay with that and I asked him to marry her that people will laugh at me that am the reason he didn't get married to her, he said if I don't marry him he will still never marry her, that he never loved her he made kids with her cos of his mum, so my problem now is, I don't know what to do, if I should let go of him of still continue, am confused here
Dear sender,
If he made kids with her because of his mum, what made you feel that she will leave him or accept his settlement offer when his mum is still there to direct the affairs of his life?
If he does not love her, how then did he arrive at not one, not two but three kids? Was that out of praying and fasting?
And then he convinced you that he would never marry her yet they share the same bed, how marvelous?
Oh I forgot, what are the strategies you have devised to convince his mum that you are the lady God sent for his son?
Well, the choice is yours to make, at least you love him so I may only ask, are you sure your love can stand the heat in time to come?
Are you sure this romance will stand the test of time?
Are you really convinced that he is truly the man God has prepared for you?
Look well dear and clear yourself of the confusion before it turns to regrets.


  1. It's not all men that you should listen to. Would you like a woman to do that to you after having three kids for a man? though everything looks good to most people, please; this one is not good. Tell that man to go and take care of his wife and children.

  2. Nne u better butt out,that guy isn't sincere. If it were just one kid it's acceptable but having three proves there is more to it. Even if u marry him, u will remain the other woman cos he will still be going back to his baby mama. Are u willing to deal with dis issue?


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