Thursday, June 4, 2015

How do I move on without him?

Good evening ma,i am one of your admirer from a distance,i appreciate what God is doing through you...
my story sounds funny but actually i need some help. 
I met a guy three years ago,somehow we were good together i was his confidant,he was kind of a careless guy with his money,but by Gods grace i helped him out with a whole lot of advice and ideas such that today he has a house in the village and a landed property in town and he is more organized presently. 
Unfortunately for me the death of my father almost frustrated my life to the point that i needed to be alone so i asked him to give me some space which he did, he never bugged me nor acted as though i meant much to him although he is a very good guy but he practically distanced himself from me and stopped calling, So i felt i didn't mean much to him and never called either and almost forgot about him and never thought of him.
Not quite long ago i found out he was about to get married to someone else although sincerely from my heart i felt indifferent and took it as one of those things. 
Unfortunately for me, early in the morning of his wedding day i woke up with a heavy heart thinking about him uptil now i have never stopped thinking about him no matter how much i tried to forget him and move on its not working out, all sort of thoughts kept coming to me about him....
please how do i carry on with my life without the thought of him interfering in my daily affair, i have tried to convince myself that we weren't meant to be,but the fact that i contributed a whole lot in his life is bugging me,please help me out before i go crazy....insults are welcomed but please i need a way forward, God bless you and your fans
Dear sender,
Life is a gift of varying moments.
Some so precious and priceless, others filled with lessons and experiences that shape our future and perception of life.
Its too late to trade on blame and regrets and too late to apologize to the past.
I may not know what lead you to take the decision you took and why you did not feel it wise to let him know when you were done with the private moment you requested for.
However, be grateful to God for giving you the rare privilege to influence a life positively and be part of his success story.
Be grateful that your help was not in vain and God is too faithful not to reward you for your kindness and benevolence to this man.
Do not feel like you did the wrong thing, all things still work in our favour even when we feel otherwise.
Be happy for the man he has become today and believe God for the man that God is using his angels to prepare.
I believe that God will favour you with a man that will make you fulfilled and at peace.
Cheer up and hold unto God.

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