Thursday, June 4, 2015

Help; I am ugly!

Good afternoon ma, thank you for the works u've been doing on this page,May God bless u....Am a young lady currently serving in one of the eastern states..How do i get over this depression all becos of my scar? I had a laceration cut on my face as a child nd it left a long scar which can never leave again..Ma, i hate this seeing this scar everytime i look in the mirror,i always tell myself i would have been so beautiful if not for the scar.I know we all have scars but some scars hunt for life..One day two other friends and i were going on the road when one guy suddenly said " watch it ladies"...none of my frds appreciatd him for calling our attention to the car coming so i turnd back to say thnk u but his response was "i was actually talking to the pretty one among you"....i felt really bad..The scar doesnt show in pictures hence i dnt like making friends online so they wont thnk av been deceivn them all along..Am nt in a relationshp nd this inferiority complex nd hatred for the scar is increasing by the day...pls help me ma, i really need encouragement.

My Dearest,

I truly understand how you feel. How I wish I am standing right before you to tell you how beautiful you are. You are God's masterpiece. I saw your pictures online before writing this and all I can say is that you are a very beautiful woman. Forget about what that uncultured human said, you don't need people like him in your life. That scar hasn't made you ugly in any way. You can get rid of it when you have the money either by cosmetic surgery or by laser. But before then, celebrate yourself. No one will celebrate you until you begin to celebrate yourself. A course mate in UniLag was too fat, excessively obese. But we looked beyond that, we stopped seeing her size because she is such a lovely lady who celebrates herself. She graduated with 2-1, got award as the best corner in the state she served, and today, she's happily married to a cute guy and has a child. People get attracted to those with cheerful hearts and high self-esteem.
Celebrate yourself

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