Thursday, June 4, 2015

I feel like divorcing him

Good day Aunty Amara. God bless you for the good works you are doing in peoples' lives. Please i need your advice and that of your fans. 
I have been married for for years now with to kids and pregnant for the third baby now. I dated my husband before marriage, he is actually a hot tempered person but after our marriage he changed drastically.
He doesn't allow me to contribute an idea in whatever he is doing, he shouts at me and embarrasses me in public, People keep asking how he treats me at home if he is this hostile in public.
I keep enduring it he womanizes a lot,so he doesn't allow me to go near his phone, and i decided not to touch his phone in order not to cause trouble. But two weeks ago i decided to check his phone because he handles my phone as long as he want,I opened his Whatsapp and read the chat. 
He has many girlfriends,some were asking him where they will meet,he takes them to a particular hotel where we did our wedding reception.
One of the girls knew he is married, he wrote to him that she is tired of having sex with him every time. 
Even inside his car, that he should go to his wife, he said that his wife his pregnant. 
The girl started calling me names that his wife is not good on bed e.t.c.
My husband is also having affair with his ex girlfriend who is also married,in their chat he was masturbating looking at the lady's picture and the lady wrote that she is screaming the lady sends her all manner of pictures and told him she is missing his organ, because she stays in Benin while we live in Owerri. The ex- girlfriend promised to come and visit him very soon and they will have their fun as usual.
Please ma i don't know what to do, I don't know whom to tell,I feel like divorcing him if not for my kids, i didn't know i married a dog, he comes to me always for sex, and i cannot say no because he is hostile, he may beat me up,so i tried always to satisfy him on bed. 
If he notices i saw these chats,the house will be on fire should i call the girlfriends and talk to them,i need urgent advice because its affecting me, i don't sleep in the night,no appetite and it is affecting me cos i am seven months pregnant. sorry for the long write up. no insult please. thanks.
Dear sender,
You need to speak up and let your voice be heard.
You need to be alive for your children and not let another man terminate your life.
To help you, you need to report this to your family, then his family after you have put to bed.
Then you take some break from him to enable him and you find a common ground to operate from.
You cannot continue with a mess and call it marriage, it may affect your children and you adversely.
You have no business with his concubines, all you need to is explore avenues to express your fears,pains and disappointments to him.

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