Monday, June 29, 2015

How do I discontinue with my boyfriend?

Please ma may God bless you for all you are doing.I've been an ardent reader and lover of your page for over a year now,have tried sending this before but it wasn't published. Please ma help me to publish this one and advice me yourself as it will help me more. I got married for almost two years now to a man I didn't love cause of my mum and I swore not to make it work and I was a student as of then. 
Three months into the marriage I met and became close to a man and we had sex...
I didn't feel guilty then cause I felt my hubby trapped me and didn't consider how I felt but the truth now is am done with school and have come to stay with my hubby and has seen he never meant harm to me and I wanted to end my relationship With this other guy...
I loved him and still does but I want to live right as a married woman and am beginning to feel guilty relating With the other guy. 
My problem now is that this guy is yet to get to his feet and I felt I was gonna help him stand if I had divorced my hubby and we struggled together but as it is,I wanna leave and I don't want him to feel as if I just left him despite all we'v been through.... 
I want to help him out with some money but raising that kind of money alone would take a lot of months or even a year as am doing just a small business that I was doing right from school;and I want to help him soon so as to discontinue all communications without guilt, please advice me on 
1:how best to tell this guy and if I should solicit for my Hubby's help and also what to tell him am doing with that kind of money. 
Please ma its urgent as I want to resume the discussion with this guy tomorrow. 
I want to live right with God. 
Please ma forgive me for my weakness and wrong write up. 

Dear sender,
Thankfully you have realized your folly and desire to make amends.
But you have no excuse for cheating on your husband who in your words meant no harm to you.
A man whose crime was loving you and supporting you in school, a man who by your standards is good and kind doesn't deserve the kind of treatment you are giving to him.
It sounds cool because he hasn't caught up with you but should he,I doubt if you may have a home talkless of a husband.
Here is my candid suggestions, please remind your boyfriend of your ring and that of your vows to your husband and cut off every communications with him with immediate effect.
You do not owe the young man any favour, you owe that to your husband and please if you really value your husband and marriage, please don't you let him into the mess you put yourself into.
The reason is, you never told him all these before setting out for it.
Secondly, he may not give you the kind of support you seek and should he know of this, well I doubt if you may be writing me anytime soon.
Let's assume that in your days of ignorance you did those, giving a loose link to this boyfriend of yours who may never marry you wouldn't mean well for you and your happiness.
Ask God for mercies and focus on building your home. If need be, please change your sim.
You cannot be married and give room for the enemies to destroy your home.
Please wake up if you were sleeping and give your husband the love, attention, support and appreciation that you have deprived him for so long now.
I have already prayed for you, please do not take this privilege for granted.
All the best.

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