Monday, June 29, 2015

I am down; what do I do?

Hello Amara, I'm E**** and have read through some of the advise given to ladies. 
I broke up in December 2014 with a man I was with for three years, it's been six months and still can't move on but can't go back because he is a beater and a cheat. 
My social life is at a stand still, cancelling isn't helping and I've been on anti-depressant drugs which isn't really a good thing but got no choice because I'm always feeling down. 
I really do not know what else to do. I need help

Dear sender,
I understand how terrible these experiences might have left you and your worries that the next man you may meet could turn out to be like those you met in the past.
This must have left you with many fears than hope making you less productive and vulnerable to emotional torture and stress.
Something when you find yourself in the cross road, it may be time for you to return to nature.
Its time you rediscover the beauty of life and living.
Its time today let go of men and relationship and rediscover the shades of flowers Unknown to you.
Its time you sing along with the birds and worry about nothing.
Its time for you give love to those who yearn for it.
The motherless ,the needy and those who had challenges that was beyond them.
When you are at this,always write down one reason to be grateful irrespective of how irrelevant this maybe for you.
When you give your heart to giving love,you get healed of the pains within and emotionally stable to fall in love.
Running from the reality won't help you nor will worries do you any favour.
Its time to admit your limitations and surrendersurrender to God Almighty who has the capacity to heal and make you whole
Its time you to pour your heart to him who understands your feelings and would help you overcome your fears.
He will perfect your joy in due time in Jesus name Amen.

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  1. Dear poster engage yourself in the things that will keep you/your mind busy with that you'll forget about him totally. #Ella


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