Friday, June 5, 2015

How do I keep my ex away from my home?

Please,Amara ,I need your advice,I separated with my ex boyfriend after he allegedly told me he knows that am going to chief priest to tie him down to marry me,but I have never seen my parents do fetish things to talk of me,
I never even have in mind to settle down with him for once,so when he brought up this issues I said to myself,I will do fasting and prayer for this guy,so I placed a lot of curse on him,that he will be put to jail for this as a punishment because he was involved in drug trafficking,and later every thing happened to him. 
I got married and traveled abroad to live with my hubby,one day he called me on phone and what I saw was the country's code of where I live,and I didn't know how to handle him because am now born again Christian if not I would lash him with words,I have forgiven him ,and he said to me,please how can we see we need to discuss and I told him to visit my home on Sunday when everyone else will be at home,he refused and said he doesn't want to come,I invited him in my office he said so many Igbo Nigerians are there,he just needs us to be in his house to discuss.
I said to him that I would come around 2 pm after bringing my kids from school I would drive down with them,he said why not take them home and come over,then I told him it was not possible,he should forget about it,so one day he called me to direct him where to eat and I did,he told me so we would no longer have body contact with each other,he is also married,what would I do to keep him far away from myself,I don't feel anything for him,I love my hubby,he is so faithful to me,he deserves everything good from me,and he hate to see anyone else talk to me in a lovely manner,he asked me once if one day, my ex comes to live here,what would I do ,I said to him I will introduce him to you and he said he would not want to know him,please this guy always ask me how can we see in a text messages,l want to stop him but I don't want him to think am still angry with him but he might cause problems in my home.
Dear sender,
So here i will ask you, which is more important to you,your loving and faithful husband and your home or an ex who wants to divide your attention by organizing a date with you?
You are married, and so is he also, you do not need to see him to convince him that you are not angry with him.
You only need to remind him that you have a lot of responsibilities and commitments at home which would limit your from casual and unimportant date.
Keep every conversation brief and simple, nothing deep and nothing serious.
You have forgiven him, please focus on your family and do not do anything that would make your husband get to meet him just as he doesn't desire to.
Your ex is in your past, learn from it but do not go back to it or pull a thread from it for the sake of those who love you and those you love.


  1. Ignore him completely and tell your husband, he has evil intentions for you that is y him wants you alone. Don't see him for any reason he shouldn't even know your house address b4 he attacks you or any of your children when you are home alone. For all you know he could be stalking you to either rape or kill you and I don't think he married. Be careful madam.... p.s if he starts sending texts much and you have told your husband you could even get a court restraining order

  2. Madam pls stop acting like a kid all in the name of born again pls tel.him off, even Christians are allowed to yell at the devil to depart from them. Madam pls it's allowed to lash out on it.

  3. The bible says we should "flee ALL appearances of evil" . I repeat,ALL!!!
    Block him off every social media he may has you as a friend and delete his number. If he keeps bugging you, involve your husband.


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