Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How do I open up to him?

Aunty Amara good afternoon ma, please help me out I don't want to lose this New guy, cos I think am in love with him, but my last relationship was such a bad and ugly experience cos I did not wait for God to approve it . 
Am a graduate, currently working,very skillful but my problem is that I trust a lot that was what affected my past relationship and I almost lost my life cos of my stupidity.
My Ex was weak in taking decisions,his mum dictates for him though,his Dad approved it but when he died, his mum moved into his house and brought In her friend's daughter for him to marry but he rejected the idea and pleaded with his maternal people for approval but they turned deaf ears to his pleading,I noticed I was pregnant for him which I told him, only for him to disclose it to his mum without my consent and when she threatened to lay a course on him he asked me to abort it which I refused cos the child deserves to live even at that,he stood by me all through. 
When it got to the nineth month which was january this year,the labour ceased cos I was under an attack, I was induced but later went through CS on the third day. I lost the baby the next day cos he was weak.
My family knew about my pregnancy they were all disappointed and turned their back on me except for my mum and friends who encouraged me to hang on cos of my BP.
After having gone through all these pain,I told him I couldn't continue cos only then did I realise that I made a stupid mistake with such sacrifice and risk, I asked for God's forgiveness and decided to move on with my life though it was hard but I had to.
I have learnt from my mistake and I also hope people will learn from it too.Put God first in everything you do."No man or woman is worth dying for no matter the strength of your love".
My problem now,is that I met a guy that last year before I noticed that I was pregnant, who wanted a committed relationship that would lead to marriage but I couldn't give him a chance because I thought I was on the right track with my Ex. 
This same guy came back last two months to plead with me to accept him cos he wouldn't want to loose me,after much thought I decided to give him a trial and from my observation, I think he is very serious we have a date in two weeks time because he lives in another state.
How do I open up to him about my ugly past? 
And I think am older than him too. Sorry for the long write-up No insult please because we are not perfect.

Dear sender, 
You didn't do a stupid thing because you kept your pregnancy. Many who towed the path of abortion live with many pains and regrets today. 
You have little or no idea of what abortion has cost many beautiful women. 
We only wished your baby survived the stress but He knows much better than we could tell. 
You have a new date and the expectations are high.  You hope to be happy and fulfilled with him and ultimately watch him propose marriage to you. 
Any secret you keep from him would hunt you as long as you are with him. 
Though I understand how you feel about telling him of your past, but you owe those who you love the truth and nothing but a sincere and honest heart. 
It's a whole lot easier and better for you to begin the relationship on a solid foundation of truth and nothing but the truth. 
You lose nothing telling anyone who breaths oxygen that you are only human who have experienced life in your own way and have become better as a result. 
It is not you who would convince him of who you are and your experience would not hinder him from marrying you if God has ordained him for you. 
Be yourself and share your experiences with anyone who genuinely desires to be with you and believe God for nothing but the very best. 
Be positive and patient with him and hand everything to God knowing that Him alone can project your beauty to anyone he chose. 
All the best. 

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