Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How do I move on?

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Please ma, how do I move on from my relationship, it's not like my boyfriend broke up with me. I just decided to walk away, but the issue now is how do I move on, I don't even know how to start. 
It's been three years we were dating, and he's not around. I have been waiting for him to return. But he got work over there and I understand he has to work for a better tomorrow. Ma for the three years I have never for once cheated on him in anyway, he knows, everyone knows, he has never for once in the three years helped me financially and I don't bother him over that, even when he knows how things are with me,it's not like he's broke or doesn't have the money, he even gives money out and tells me about it, but whenever I need money maybe for rent or my sch fees, he promises but never fulfilled it. 
You know guys are always like this chick is with me because am rich, so for three years I have been proving that am not with him because of money, even his friends keep saying we are different class, he shouldn't be with me and stuff, but still he was with me, though he's far away, we talk on a daily basis, he said he loves me every now and then, but now the issue am having is why can't he assist me with little money each time I ask? 
It's not like I ask him for money, or send me money, for three years he has never send me money from abroad or bought me any gift, even for my birthday or Christmas nothing, but Every Christmas since I knew him, he's always buying things for other people, which am aware of and he knows, he has female friends he always buy them gift for their birthdays and Christmas but never for me his girlfriend. 
All his friends knew about me even the female ones, every now and them they write me via facebook to tell me how much he loves me, and working for our future, anytime he wants to send me money he will tell all his friends and still end up not sending it. Thank God I just graduated few months back, now am going to a fashion school, trying to fix my self with something, my point is,  is it possible to love someone and treat them like you don't care simply because you are working to give them a better tomorrow? Can you love someone angrily? Can you love someone and just watch them go through their every stress alone from a distance, we quarrel every now and them, because I don't reply his message on time or I miss his call, for three years,  we have never quarrelled over cheating because he knows how faithful I was, but lately am having second thought about him, I loved just him, in the space of three years, now am so addicted to him, I don't know how to move, it's not like he's breaking up with me or something, I just want to move on, and see if this is his real being or he just playing me, because even if I tell him to go, he won't, which I told him already, I haven't deleted his contact yet because I don't want to delete him and add him back again or go back looking for him, please don't mind my long writing, I even shortened it the best way I can. 
How do I move on from someone I love with my life because I don't understand his intentions, he loves me no doubt, but how is it possible to love and not show it, that's where  am confused , I have friends, I see girls in relationship play around every now and then and they still get their love ones stay by them, am I been wrong in dating just one guy or staying faithful, please how do I move on with my life because am f-word scared if he eventually end up breaking up with me... Please I need your advice

Dear sender, 
You are not in love with this man but simply afraid that he may likely leave you for another lady and also afraid that you may move on and not find another man who would love you as much as you crave for. 
The sincere truth is, if he treats you really like you described, he is not in a relationship with you but merely hanging around as you prove to him that you don't need his money. 
If he sends 
Money to others, care and cater for other and only delight in letting you know about them, then I feel you should either apply officially to become his secretary or treasurer or you may need to do the needful. 
No matter how much you love him, you are simply not in charge of the relationship and if you choose to wait for his verdict, I doubt if he would end up with you. 
So what you really need is not an advise on how to walk away but a sincere understanding of what you are into so that you do not regret whatever he finally decides to do at the end of the day. 
If after six years, you cannot tell who you are in love with, then you may need to reconsider what love truly means to you. 
It's also time for you to pray for wisdom and understanding to enable you discern what you may not be able to see as a result of your emotional feelings for him so that you do not live in the dark when the light is close to you. 

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