Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I suspect him,what do I do?

Good evening Ma, Please Ma an urgent advise is needed on this issue because right am totally confused,
I'm dating this guy since 2013 and the relationship is okay. But as time goes i came to suspect him that as he was already married or gave birth before and I asked him times without number but he kept on telling me that no but now one woman called and asked me that she want to talk to the owner of this phone ( which is my number) and i told that am the one and she said I should give phone to the guy and the guy is not with me and i told her so but the next thing she said was that I'm the guy's wife and I answered yes and the next thing she said was that she was the guy's wife from the home town. 
The advise that I need from you and your good fans is what to do. 
Please Ma notify me when posted Thanks. More grease to your elbow Ma.

Dear sender,
What you need to do is do your own investigations, make out time to find out more about him.
And do well to ask him about the lady's identity and who she is to him.
Also this maybe an indication that the man you felt loved you may either be cheating or not telling you the whole truth.
Then again, it maybe a case of sabotage from an admirer whose intent maybe to destroy his relationship.
Find out more before deciding whats best for your life and your happiness in life.

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