Tuesday, June 2, 2015

She avoids me, What should I do?

Hi Amara you've not been replying, hope all is well. 
I was directed by a friend to discuss about my challenges with a girl i just met; am a well disciplined fellow without much knowledge about the female folks, that is why i need your advice and direction. She is the very first girl I have dated(Age 24 years old) and its been fun from the beginning; lemme just cut the story short.
Not until recently she started or formed a habit of disappointing me, claiming she's busy or ill; you know dodging me.
I will be the one to call and i will be disappointed(more than trice). what should i do to such kind of a girl. Because each time i take bold step of not reaching....i still do. 
Though she had a lot to deal with in her past; yeah she's been a victim of guys cheating on her and some of them beating her up, But what will i do in such a situation please? Thanks
Dear sender,
Give her some time and do not stop appreciating her or feel she has completely given up on you.
Most times when a kid is hurt by a hot lantern, that child will never like to get close to the lantern even when there is no light in it.
Its nature's way of reminding the child that the lantern isn't a toy.
That is how it is in every humanity, when experience hurt and disappointments, we do not rush into something new for fear of experiencing the same fate.
Continue to encourage her that all men are not the same, that you genuinely care about her, that you respect her personality and is not out to hurt her.

Send her some short and lovely messages to remind her of the beauty of laughter, and the joy in loving someone.
When you are free, take her out and continue to bond with her with care, wisdom and patience.

Do not rush the process and be positive all the way.
Pray about it and commit everything to God's care who has the capacity to convince her of your genuine intentions.

With time you will get to know her fears and perceptions about you and your interest in her.
Follow your heart, go for who you love and do not give up on love.

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