Tuesday, June 16, 2015

I'm worried if I can pull through this.

Good day Aunty,...  
I am 23yrs .... I was in a relationship with this guy three years back ,then i
was still in school and he was done with school . But the
relationship went sour because of no sex issue,at first
he accepted it but at a point the guy was very angry that i wouldnt give him sex...
I tried explaining my reasons to him but he still maintained his stand . 
The pressure was much on me that i broke up with him
but he kept making me feel bad that i broke his heart by
leaving him and that he wont accept that I've broken up with him. He still told people i was his girl friend,but both of us knew things were not normal. 
He kept in touch all through these years and kept asking we come back but still insisting on sex. Recently we met and he also asked we come back together, i just told
him that he should know i would accept it but only on my
same condition. He still kept begging throughout that he wouldn't imagine having a relationship without sex with someone he loves , and that through out these years he
kept in touch because he felt guilty each time he wanted to have affairs with other girls just because he loves me. 
When i insisted that i wasnt ready yet for sex, he said he has never wanted to be just a friend to me and that he wouldnt disturb me again.  And since then i've not heard from him and i feel down most times. If it is about caring and loving me, i know he does and i do
love him too, i know how difficult it has been for me all through these years, am being encouraged by just a few. 
My question is,i've heard people say that relationships work without sex if there is love, does it mean the love here is being feigned or people just make the
statement? Because with the way things are going,am really getting confused and am beginning to wonder if I can pull through. #sorry for the long write up#thanks

Dear sender, 
There is nothing to lose when you know who you are and you are convinced about what you need in a relationship and in a partner. 
For God in his wisdom to make sex sacred and solely for couples, he knew many ladies would be tested on this. 
Many fell and many more stood not because they never felt the urge but because they understood the times. 
Let me ask you, if sex makes relationship work, why then do relationship still break even after a wonderful sex-filled time with a partner. 
If sex before marriage was the only way to prove how much you love a man, why then do we have many unwanted pregnancies, sexually transmitted diseases on rampage and the likes. 
Yes it is normal for him to desire to have sex with you but I must inform you that giving him sex wouldn't keep him if he chooses to leave you. 
Remember that sex is a spiritual covenant one you MUST be responsible for and accountable to. 
Do not be disappointed or discouraged, please do not compromise on your convictions or look down on yourself as a result of this. 
Pray and leave everything to God who is faithful to favour you with the man he has prepared for you. 
It may only tarry for a moment but you shall celebrate in the end if only you would endure these temporary challenges. 


  1. Young lady,hope you know this is not really about sex,but about your future? Your glorious destiny is being negotiated for.....for a plate of porridge(sex),and the enemy being used to undermine your future,is the very one you hope to call your husband? He does not deserve you. Kick him out of your life! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


  2. 2. The one you hope to be your husband is the very one frustrating your life for STANDING FOR WHAT IS RIGHT? How then is he going to be your head? How then is he going to be your covering? How then is he going to be your leader? Is this the kind of man you in whose hands you want to put your future? Is this the kind of ROLE-MODEL you want for your daughters? Is that the kind of mentor you want for your sons? ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

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  3. 3. If I were you,I would tell him how much of an idiot he is. After which I would kick him out of my life,and block him out. He does not deserve you. Save yourself from future heartbreak. Any guy asking you for sex before marriage,is an adulterer-in-the-making. It is not about you; it is about his character - he has a defective character(dysfunctional Values,morally bankrupt,lacks self-control,unable to delay gratification). If he is asking you for sex before marriage,it means he will ask others for sex outside marriage. He is not a husband-material. Kick him out! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


  4. 4. Any relationship that undermines your commitment to do what is right,is wrong for you. Let him go! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


  5. 5. Relationships and Marriage,are STRICTLY for people who share the same VALUES,BELIEFS & GOALS(VBGs). Relationship/Marriage will not work where there is conflict between the VBGs of the two(2) people involved. It is stupid....highly highly stupid and foolish to go be involved with someone who does not share your VALUES,BELIEFS & GOALS(VBGs). You are only setting yourself up for failure,pain and anguish. Save yourself from this pain. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


  6. My hold on to what you have, don't let any one one decieve you.

  7. My hold on to what you have, don't let any one one decieve you.


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