Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Will I ever find true love?

Good morning Madam
My friends have insisted I need to see a psychologist. So I guess this will do.
Well, I am currently 26 years. As a child, I read a lot of love stories (snow white and the likes) and I thought that was the way it really was. It was not my fault. I have four sisters and those were the books i first saw, aside the Well, during my secondary school days, I fell in love with someone who was actually older than me. My friends told me that I was not supposed to love a woman with my whole heart. They said all those love stories were just fantasies. I told them they were lying. Actually some months later, reality dawned on me. It turned out women are more attracted to money than to emotions, (pardon my generalisation).
I had two options. Lock up the pain and stay on my own or make sure I break as much hearts as possible. I guess I chose the former. During my service years however, I decided to try again. It turned out that I sure knew how to pick them. When we started, she actually acted like an angel, till she discovered that I was not a player and she was the only one. I guess that was the only explanation because she suddenly changed. At the slightest quarrel, she will threaten a break up, (not to talk of some other issues).
One day I became fed up. We had an issue and as usual, she threatened a break up. I simply accepted we break up and I walked out. I guess she thought i would come back. It has been about a year and she suddenly started sending messages of how I should not forget those that love me. Truthfully, I was so angry with her that it had to take GOD's grace not to hate her cos when I walked away, I saw clearly.
The present problem is that whenever i am talking with any lady I like, my mind unconsciously fast forwards the whole scenario to a break up or a fight and then i just lose interest.
I guess my friends are right. I may be in need of help because I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever love again.
Well, that's my story.

Dear sender, 
I can relate perfectly to your experience but you see, the same hands we use to wipe out our mess, is the same that we use to eat and merry. 
Relationship is a journey, never a destination and with every partner that you meet in life is both a lesson and a blessing to make you a better man.
When you go into a journey afraid of the destination, you may never get there and should you make conclusions, generalisations and assumptions, of course you wouldn't get anything different because you would indirectly be dishing the same meal while expecting a different aroma. 
Look into the mirror, the man you see deserves love and happiness.  He may have had some not so good yesterday but he deserves forgiveness, understanding and patience. 
That man who so much believed in true love can actually receive his heart desire if only he can be positive and patient with himself and also depend on God's grace. 

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