Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Should I reconcile with him?

Good day ma.....please I need your advice 
Earlier last year I was engaged to a guy,then I got a job and travelled to abuja suddenly the guy said he has made up with his ex that left him......
my problem now is this same guy is back asking me to marry him again that his ex refused to marry him sincerely I love him and he takes care of me and my family.....
should I reconcile with him?
Dear sender, 
My fear is do you feel he may not make up with his ex should she come return with another excuses? 
For how long would you be a stop gap between him and his girlfriend? 
This is where you need to think thoroughly before deciding on what's best for you. 
Should you consider getting back with him, please discuss in details with him and let him know that you are not available as a stop gap for his girlfriend. 
Pray and be convinced before embarking on a relationship with him. 


  1. This guy is using u as an option, if you accept him now, he will still come back tomorrow to tell you another story, but it seems u value the financial gain more than the true feeling, accept him at ur own risk, Amara will not be held responsible!

  2. What makes you think he will not abandone u even in marriage should the ex coms bac begging for his forgiveness? As aunty amara said think it true and be sure that he is actually wat u really wnt be sure u love him so much to be able to endure his infidelity in future


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