Wednesday, June 17, 2015

He is too fat for my liking.

Good day ma,
Ma I have been in a relationship since January with a guy from my place. He loves me so much and is ready to do anything for me, he spends so much for me and still ready to do more, I love him to but the problem is that he is too fat for my liking, I don't know if I should say he is obese because that's the right word

I do tell him about his size and whenever I do he feels but whenever I do so I only try to advice him to work on it but he is not even ready to do so.

He intends getting married to me but If I do I will never be happy with my self because I won't be able to show him off or flaunt him. I have tried to advice him on working on his diet but to no avail .he takes a lot of coke and eats so much of food that contain carbohydrate .

Ma please advice me on what to do I love him and if he cuts down his size a bit I will even be okay. Please what do I do????

Dear sender, 
I know his outlook may not be like those you see on the television or like a model. 
He maybe trying but not getting a good result at the moment but you need to decide for yourself if his body is more important to you than his heart. 
You also need to know that loving a partner doesn't necessarily mean that they have to change their outlook to please you but you have to accept him with his imperfect body and love him perfectly. 
If you are not proud of his body, please do not get married to him to avoid struggling and choking him with your worries. 
But if you truly love him as much as you claimed, you will not only talk about him reducing in size but would make a healthy diet time table for him, continually encourage him and also appreciate his efforts to reduce. 
In all it's a decision of what you truly need and what you can cope with for the rest of your life when you get married. 


  1. A person that is obese and drinks a lot of coke really has to change his habit, I know love is about loving everything about that person, but this right here is an exception cos it has to do with his health, not just about love, so please keep pushing him to start hitting the gym or get the fat reduction products around...and if after all these he refuses to do what is right and slim down, the rest of the decision will be yours to make, whether to stay or leave him solely lies on your shoulder, good luck with your love life. #enoughsaid

  2. Do you love him naturally or you love him because he spent lots of cash on you? You said he is too fat for your liking, where you blind when he asked you out? Because you see the cash flowing and you jumped into it. #Ella

  3. you dont love him. you love other things he has. if you love him u will love his fatness


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