Wednesday, June 17, 2015

I still love him, what do I do?

Goodevening aunty. I have been dating a guy i love so much online for nine months now and this June will make it ten months. 
I visited him for the first time last week tuesday and i showed him real love and he treated me nicely,we made alot of promises that we would be together forever,though he complained that he was broke but he treated me nicely,i was comfortable with him because i was not after money. So last week sunday,we made arrangement for me to go back to the state i reside because he told me he was travelling to work at Abuja,i agreed and left after he boarded a bus for me. 
On monday morning his brother's girlfriend chatted with me and  asked me if i was the one that wore black gown and sat on a bike with my boyfriend on monday morning and i told her that i was not the one that i left on sunday morning,she became confused and told me that she heard my boyfriend quarrelling with a lady that monday morning inside the room he shares with his brother,she further told me that my boyfriend said he likes the girl she brought to make her hair when the girl asked about me,he lied to her that we quarrelled,i got angry and called my boyfriend and told him all what i heard as i was talking on the phone,i was crying so my boyfriend used my Facebook passward and search for the person who told me all that when he saw that she was his brother's girlfriend,he got angry,went home from work,quarrelled with the girl and cried that he really loves me no matter what. 
He even swore with my dead mum and  told me that the girl lied. Now,his bro has quitted the relationship he had with the girl and the girl is begging me to forgive my boyfriend and accept him again and my boyfriend have not apologised. 
I called him today and i was crying asking him why he did that to me but he hung the line because he was at work. Aunty i still love him,please what do I do?
Dear sender, 
Whether you choose to continue with him or not these few information may be necessary for you. 
He lied about his relationship status. He cheated on you with another lady. He feels he has the right to do as he wishes while you both sing cry me a river together. 
If after few days of meeting him, you had to contend to with this, who exactly are you then dating? 
What exactly do you know about him? And how many more lies are you willing to endure for the rest of the relationship. 
And how much tears are you willing to shed for a man who doesn't respect your personality nor regards your emotions? 
Are you really happy with him? 
Is there any future in this relationship? 
I am only asking you questions to help you think and decide for yourself what you need and feel is best for you. 
I'm only worried that you may end up crying for a man who may be smiling with another lady. 
All the best. 


  1. Dear poster, how sure do you know if the girl told you the truth or not? You have to understand that some people are devil in human cloth, she may not like you or maybe jealous because you and your boyfriend love each other. You have to think before you take any action remember this is just what she told you, you were not there to see for yourself. #Ella

  2. so the online man became your boyfriend, and you gave your password to him, why didn't you make him your account manager, you too mumu!!. You have also spoilt another girl relationship you can't even beg for her, yet you are fighting for only yourself. you will be so disapointed soon!


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