Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Your Greatest Enemy

Your greatest enemy in this life is not that man or woman out there. Your greatest enemy is not that person who, according to you, made you to join MFM and CLAM.  Your greatest enemy is not even the devil himself. Your heart remains the greatest enemy of your soul.

The heart will pick up things that don't exist and present them to you as if they have been existing. Your heart will make you to fix hands, eyes,  and feet to a simple and harmless comment made by your friend or relation thereby creating hate.

Sir/Ma, it's possible your spouse has nothing with that man/ woman he/she greets well, but there you are dying over something that does not exist. Your heart is your problem. 

 Your heart will tell you that your neighbour has not come to congratulate you on the arrival of your new baby because she never wished you well. The poor woman could be going through terrible things but covers it up with a smile. The woman is there unhappy because she has not come to see you; it's even possible she's waiting to have enough money to get a gift for your baby...but your heart has given you a wrong interpretation of the whole scenario. 

You quarrel with your wife
at night and the following day in church the pastor is speaking against that wrong you did. You instantly accuse your wife of going to the pastor when it's just a coincidence or the Spirit of God speaking to you. Someone sees you and passes without a 'hello' or 'Good morning' and your heart tells you she didn't want to talk to you. I used to have this problem with my school mates until they finally realized that I don't see what is by the side when I walk; my eyes are always fixed to my destination. I may be starring at you without even seeing you. What if that person is overburdened and lost? What if his or her heart is heavy and bleeding that the "good morning" can't even come out? 

Your heart will tell you that your best friend who is more beautiful than you  is about taking your husband away. She could be the only one who thinks good for/of  you.
Your heart will tell you to have a secret bank account in case your husband throws you out tomorrow. Your heart is already making plans to end your marriage. I have been through hell and came out with nothing, not even a handkerchief, after fourteen years. But I am not going to let the man who I love and have in my life today suffer for the wrong of one strange being somewhere. No acquiring of properties and keeping him/her in the dark about it all. I still love without reservation. The sad thing is that today's marriages are for two actors living under one roof. 

In church? Your heart gives you a million and one reasons why you, instead of that guy, should be the departmental head. Sister gets up for her testimony and all your heart sees is someone coming to show off her new shoe. She is rolling on the floor in appreciation of God's goodness and all you see is someone trying to impress people. Your leader praises her and instead of you celebrating that woman, you conclude the leader is doing that because he sleeps with her. Pastor celebrates her and from that day, you become her number one enemy who must tell the world every negative thing about her. You know what? A million of you can't stop a man or woman whose time has come. To make life easier for you, if you see someone God loves, just follow God in loving the person.

You turn at the office and find your colleague starring at you. What does your heart tell you? She hates you and she is envious of you? What if she was just admiring you? What if she was contemplating how to come and pour her burdened heart out to you? That she doesn't talk to you doesn't  mean she hates you or she is proud; she could be the one who prays for your good. Your heart is so evil that it will make you believe that your neighbour gossips about you and so you go round the community spreading lies about her; relax,  she doesn't even remember you exist. 

Your heart tells you that no one loves you and you can't make it in life.
The heart is deceitful and desperately wicked; who can know it? Jeremiah 17:9
Your heart is your greatest enemy and deceiver. Deal with your heart and see a better, happier you. 

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