Tuesday, June 30, 2015

My husband doesn't communicate with me!

Hello Aunty Amara good evening , thanks for the good work you are doing, may God bless you abundantly, ma'am am married with three kids, I have been having problems with my marriage, my hubby is 14 years older than me ,the problem is that my hubby doesn't like discussing with me, while I like telling him everything that happens even if its not necessary.
I always follow him to the shop were we sell ladies wear, and by Gods grace its really moving, I gave birth January and since then I have not been to the shop reasons because I have not baptized nor dedicated my son who will be six months soon, I have been telling him let's do it so that it would enable me to start going to shop, cos am really broke as in so much. 
I usually attach bags in shop which is my own business, but I really think he's trying to avoid me coming to the shop please , aunty amara and house please advise me on wat to do am broke, thanks.
Dear sender,
You are experiencing this because you may have married a master not your friend and as a result doesn't see the need to pour his heart to you.
It maybe that his experiences in the past may have made him not to trust you so well that he could confide in you.
Its a nut that has to be cracked and these few tips would help but do not expect immediate results.
Though you maybe broke but I believe that you are not hungry and if that be the case,then there is hope.
Appreciate him for all he's doing and all he plans to do.
Always remind him of how much you respect and adore him.
With the things he provide,prepare the best meal if possible his favourite meal, serve him while hot and kindly ask him how his day went.
Then make out time to give him a better entertainment in your sacred tabernacle, remember a good session opens doors for good communication.
Every man can tell you anything once you could pamper him,spoil him like a baby and shower him so much love.
Let's leave child dedication and rededicate him at your estate.
When he is satisfied, of course he would tell you what you don't even wish to hear.
Revive the groove in your home and stop worrying about what is not done.
Whenever he is ready, he would let you know, for now let your desire be to massage the man in him and appreciate him in your own way.
Without prayers, our efforts would be futile, do well to always pray for him, it takes a break in communication for divorce papers to be served. You need to soak your family in God's love and ask for the wisdom,patience and understanding you need to bring out the best in your home and your husband.

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  1. Raise money to open your own shop, is not compulsory to have same shop rent a shop if you have money. #Ella


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