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Who is a Good Husband?

Aunty Amara good day. More grease to your elbow. 
Please Aunty Amara i want you & AVLITES to clearify me on this issue.
Who do we refer to as " A GOOD HUSBAND".Does it have something to do with WEALTH? Thanks.

Dear sender,
A good husband is not the rich tall and handsome man many ladies desire.
He is not a man living in a particular location, working with a particular firm or driving a particular vehicle. He is also not the educated or the six packs kind of men.
He is not the romantic and the innocent looking man you watch in your cinema or read in your books.
He is an ordinary man with a vision,purpose and passion for something he loves most.
It maybe anything but it must be positive and beneficial to those around him.
He is a man who is spiritually, psychologically and emotionally responsible not only for himself but for those around him and specifically for his wife.

Let me exposit these aspects of maturity.

  • Spiritual Maturity 
He is a complete man who has yielded to the authority of God Almighty. He yearns and desires daily to please him in deed and with the sincerity of heart.
He is a man who understands that his wife is a precious gift from God, one he is accountable to, one he would sacrifice his funds and time to cater for.
He is a man who doesn't place his family below his friends or below any other activities one who wouldn't for any reasons tell lies to his wife nor find comfort in cheating on his wife.
He is a man not blown away by one prophet or another priest's revelation or vision but dwell daily in God's presence interceding for his family
He is an imperfect man who rely daily on the perfection that comes from God alone.

  • Emotional Maturity
He is a man who wouldn't deprive his wife of sex nor give excuses why he wouldn't meet the need of his wife.
He is a man who wouldn't replace his presence with some dollars or pounds or perhaps some gifts.
He is a man who would make out time to support,and encourage his wife and children.
He is a man who doesn't just lead his family but also listens to his family and identifies the need of his wife and that of his children.
He is teachable and reachable, and he always celebrate his family irrespective of what they maybe going through.
He wouldn't let anyone abuse his wife nor the encroach on her freedom nor would he use weapons,or raise his voice or his hands on his wife.
He wouldn't correct his own wife in the presence of the world or his children or his friends.
He would protect the shortcomings of his wife and always support and lovingly teach her to become a better lady, wife,mother,and friend to him.
He wouldn't seek self satisfaction first but would seek to satisfy her and celebrate her tummy even when they may not be as they were in the beginning.

  • Psychological Maturity
He understands the kind of wife God has blessed him with and would take his time to understand her, and communicate his needs to her without infusing fears and anxiety in her body.
He pays attention to details, he listens, he learns and knows what to do to spark the moment.
He is the friend and companions of his wife and makes out time to give give his wife the attention she crave for.
He understands perfectly the role of his mum and his wife and wouldn't let any overshadow the other.
He knows what to do to make his wife relax and pour out her heart to him and help her heal in challenging moments.

A good husband may not be perfect but he never gives up improving daily on himself nor does he give up in his responsibilities to his or wife,children and the society at large.

When a man who yearns for the best of God, strives to be come best in his passion,yearns to meet the need of his family and makes out time for his family marry a lady who submits herself to the authority of God,skilful with her hands,supportive and emotionally prepared serve her husband as her crown king, the union is blissful.

Because marriage is God's vision not man, we cannot bring out the best in our marriage without Him guiding our footsteps from who we marry to the challenges that may test the marriage.
So while many yearn to marry the best husband in the world, they also need to be a better wife to help him prosper in life and succeed in his ministry.


  1. No it doesn't have anything to do with wealth. #Ella.

  2. Aunty Amara......always GBAM since 1800. Thanks for this delicious meals. As as usual......

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    PLEASE NOTE: A good husband,is not a gift; it is a reward.....a reward for embracing God's wisdom and imbibing His VALUES....a reward for being a good wife.

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  3. Simply the truth

  4. 1. A good husband has a functional relationship with God. He is a WORSHIPPER who has submitted his life to God's wisdom,and has imbibed God's VALUES. And,everyday,he is becoming more and more LIKE GOD.

    2. A good husband is not perfect,but he has INTEGRITY - he has CHARACTER. He is not comfortable with his WEAKNESSES,but is always striving for EXCELLENCE in every area of his life.

    3. A good husband is a FARMER who tenderly grooms and cultivates everything and everyone around him. He tenderly and skillfully tends to,nurtures,nourishes and brings out the best in everything and everyone God has put in his care - be it a woman(friend,sister,mother,etc.),a relationship,a business,an idea,a child,an organisation,etc. If he doesn't bring out the best in you,he is not a good husband yet.

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  5. 4. A good husband is PASSIONATE ABOUT LEARNING,and is a LOVER OF WISDOM. He does not just learn,he also teaches,and edifies others. His mouth is a tree of life - speaking and giving life to th lives and dreams of those within his sphere of INFLUENCE! ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


  6. 5. A good husband is a lover of GOD,of PEOPLE,and of TRUTH. He doesn't just crave for Truth,he speaks it. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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