Wednesday, June 10, 2015

My husband is stuck with his ex.

I commend you my sister Amara for the good work that God is using for,touching lives and other things. I am in a relationship of sixteen years now,with 4 kids.
I agreed to marry my husband because a priest said i was his wife. Before then i was dating a man that loves me so much as well as i do.
Not until my husband got disappointed by the mother of the girl he loves so much. He met with my brother in-law,told him his story and would want him to look for a girl to marry. My brother in-law invited him to our house and i was shown to him and he accepted to marry me. Later on,two days after the introduction,the girl's parents told her to marry My husband which my husband became confused. Most of his friends asked him to go back to the girl while some kicked against it,it was a priest that told my husband not to go back to the girl. We continued,wedded and since then i keep regretting why i married him.I love and gave him all my heart but he keeps breaking my heart,telling me he made a mistake marrying me,that he would have gone back to the girl then. He will always see fault in everything i do. Recently,he found the girl was divorced,saw her on social network,he lost focus and interest on our relationship. I tried confronting him on that,he said he was the one that deflower the girl,that it was what it suppose to be. He don't respect me publicly. It is also having a negative impact on my children,he will blame me for everything I pray a lot concerning this,Infact this situation made me a born again Christian,i cried to God every time. I just want anything that will help or make me to forget about him.Please talk to me and tell me how i can overcome all these to enjoy this marriage for once. I wanted to confront the girl to mind her self but decides not. Sorry for the long write up. Thank you.

Dear sender,
Prayer is always relevant in marriage as that is the only avenue to communicate with the man who ordained marriage.
There is no amount of prayers that we would say was too much nor can we quit praying because of the overwhelming challenges.
But you need to add some practical measures to ensure that you are able to get those who ought to know involved. You need to inform your parents and also his parents so that he would review the terms and conditions of the marriage.
Also you need to meet any elder that he respects and listens to so that he would talk to him and also tell you what you should do
By every means, do your possible best and do not relent.
I pray that you shall overcome because I can only imagine the pains and trauma this might have brought to you. Please give your best to your children and continue to pray for your husband.
Tough times do not last, with patience, faith and wisdom, I believe you shall have reasons to testify someday.

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