Thursday, June 11, 2015

How do I discharge her from my life?

Hello AVL and fans, thanks  for the wonderful work you're doing.
I have so many wonderful and beautiful ladies as friends but it seems my heart has been taken away by my ex. We'r together for five years and she's the only girl I've ever loved and will forever cherish despite her naughtiness, am committed to her, cherished and adore her when we're together.
But she makes loving her a hell with her stubborness and pride 'she doesnt know how to say sorry'.
When I try to kill boredom, i decided to date this innocent lady 'a virgin then' with no feelings. She's madly in love with me but my feeling remain blank despite all my effort to Love her, i broke up with her since i have no plan for her, but when i miss her body,i called her back and she agreed after so many pleading and promises. This girl love with every vibe of her human and i know this. But my ex experience still makes me sick. My problem now is how to let this girl go without causing havoc to her, i feel so sorry for her cos all my effort to Love her always prove abortive. Am so ashamed of my act and this is one of the reason i wanted to free her for love to locate her cos she didn't deserve someone like me. Am not a happy man and need to be free. I wish I've  never met my ex.

Dear sender, 
You knew so well that you never loved your innocent and naive girl but you decided to explore her body to your own advantage making me worry why you felt that was the best thing to do. 
You constantly promise and plead with her all because you wanted to satisfy your needs at the expense of her happiness. 
I do not feel that was awesome considering the fact that you never loved her but her body. 
Please tell her the truth and set her free  to be the lady God has ordained her to be. 
Be kind enough not to make promises you cannot keep because in life no action is without reward. 
Sort yourself out before engaging in a relationship with a lady. 
Help yourself by knowing exactly what you need before approaching any lady of your desired. 
When you do what would help you, you don't need any advice on how to succeed in it. 
Ask God to guide your steps and help you become a better, mature and a responsible man. 

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