Friday, June 5, 2015

My wife measures me with her ex. I'm done with this!

Please Amara, I need a candid advise from you Am married, but my wife is always using her ex to measure the standard of love for me. 
Recently she came to seek my permission to travel to spend holidays with her ex in a distant state she told me its a harmless visit as we talking she is there with him while am at work offshore. 
Am just done with this whole episode.
Dear sender,
Please this is both strange, painful and absurd that the woman you married not only disrespect you but also cheat on you emotionally and to add to it, she defends it.
I may not know what exactly they discuss but it is totally not right for your wife to have any business with her ex no matter how lovely to the extent that she goes on holidays to be with him.
I feel you need to do more than sending me a mail, you need to enforce your leadership in your home.
Its either she is married to you or she leaves you for her harmless ex.
And she shouldn't use her ex as a measure to weigh your commitment to you.
Please it is sincerely unacceptable for you to condone this with her.
Sit her down and talk to her with all sincerity and humility if you hope to enjoy your marriage with her.
Pray for her because this is a battle you cannot be relaxing with but need to act with all urgency of purpose.
I pray that God will intervene in your home and I believe with you that you shall win your wife to yourself.
Its time to stand up and be the man God has ordained you to be.

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