Friday, June 5, 2015

Since he traveled out, I don't know whether to wait or move on.

Hi Amara ,Good Afternoon, 
I've been following up on your page for quite a while, I felt I should seek your fans for advise, I met my Boyfriend during service ,that was 2012 batch C, we had a good relationship after service he came to see my mum and dad, associated with my siblings and everyone liked him. Cos he's really a likable person, after service I got a job while he was planning to travel out.., I left my job after a while things were still going well till his travelling papers took more than it should ,sometimes he got all moody and stays away from everyone ...after much prayer and work...he got his papers this year,its been three months he left ,when he left though we talked a lot on Skype ,bbm , facebook... everywhere but for two weeks now, the communication has been very limited ,it started with he reading my pings and not responding, I would complain he would say he was in class, he went to market ,he went to jog, a lot of I decided to stop chatting him if he would chat me up, but am realizing he has forgotten me or should I say moved on...I feel sad ,but I also feel the best will come I just don't know if to move on or to wait.
My mum likes him a lot and asked about him all the time.I just told her he's fine and extends his greetings ...but i didnt tell her that we haven't spoken for two weeks.
Dear sender,
New environment comes with excitements and challenges that confronts the individual on a daily basis which he needs to adjust to before he continues with his normal routine of life.
I want to believe you trusted him so much and you discussed with him on how best this relationship would be when he is in another country.
I may not tell if he has moved on or trying to sort himself out.
But before you decide on what is best for you, please discuss with him extensively and redefine the relationship to know exactly what is best for you in times like these.
Long distance relationship can be challenging especially when there is limitation in communication but with mutual commitment, understanding, patience and communication, you are bound to reap the best of the journey.
Be focused and do not look down on yourself, all things always work in your work, believe God and be hopeful.

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