Saturday, June 6, 2015

I have lost confidence, no man looks my way!

Good evening ma. God bless you for your good work. 
I'm 28 years and not in a relationship. Guys rarely ask me out, at times in a whole year it has to be just twice or so and even when they come around, it's actually younger guys who I'm older than with four or five years who aren't responsible. It's not as if I dress shabbily or in a "small girl" kind of way. I try my best to dress appropriately and modestly and always keep my attitude/manner in check...I don't just understand why things are taking this turn. I have been praying over it for some time now. Of recent I began to learn from both the female and male folks and even on social media that ladies who are physically attractive with big butt and broad hips that are usually termed as curvy are men's favourite as guys always patronize. In fact guys ask them out on daily basis. I wonder if these could be true because so many girls that I know who use to be flat are now curvy as it seems to be the new trend. One hardly see a girl with flat butt these days. Even my friends who are already endowed with a big butt are taking butt enlargement pill to make it bigger and rounder and they don't experience these difficulty as guys are all over them. Moreover I don't like the way I'm being mocked mostly by guys that my butt is just as slippers. The other day I was in a very busy road when a bus conductor held my hand and I slapped his hand off from me immediately and the next thing he said was that I am not even fine, that my butt is so dried and flat, that I should see a girl who is finer than me in his bus and the passengers and some passers by laughed to it. I felt so embarrassed. The mockery I got even from my female friends aren't cool at all. I'm beginning to think perhaps this could be the reason why guys aren't attracted to me cos I have an extremely flat butt and a small boobs but a slightly broad hips. I'm already thinking of taking the butt enlargement pill (maca) so as to enlarge my butt size for it is too flat. But do you think having one's butt enlarged would make one look vain because anytime I think of administering the drugs, I get double minded thinking it's sinful/vain and at other times, I feel it's cool after all we do enhance our facial beauty through make up, creams and other means and we do work on our weight too which isn't too different from butt enlargement as they are all ways of self improvement as there is nothing wrong if one chooses to look better. Don't you think it will help me out in this situation?....please advice for I have lost my self confidence as a result of this. Thanks!
Dear sender,
Have you also considered the side effects of such enhancement to your body and your health?
Have you thought it wise to find out if truly what you thought of ladies with big butt and books were true?
What happens if after the enhancements, you still don't have confidence in your personality and perhaps you have to spend your fortune maintaining them?
What do you feel is God's thoughts about you?
How come you heard all that the conductor said but you never remembered the one God promised in his word?
I wouldn't suggest what to do but I must remind you that you cannot get confidence and self esteem by enhancing your body rather you gain confidence when you realize who you are in Christ Jesus.
When you stop competing with other ladies or comparing yourself to any other and start making a difference in your chosen profession and career in life.
You gain confidence when you solve problems and bring solutions to issues.
You gain confidence when you have a virtue many look up to and a passion that many yearn for.
Please do not forget so soon all that God have done for you and all he has promised you.
Gone are the days when men married ladies because they have features they admire, they now marry a lady who not only have features but also have bright future and a passion.
Develop yourself and equip yourself with the skills, virtues and attitudes that would distinguish you from every other lady.
Be friendly, be courteous, kind and gentle when you talk. Be receptive to others and do not always wear a gloomy face.
Celebrate each day that you live and celebrate every moment that you receive.
People will treat you the way you the way you treat yourself.
You are too beautiful and precious to reduce yourself to extra loads of fat all because of what people said.
You are God's best and have got no comparison.


  1. No being created by God is ugly. He said after creation that every thing is beautiful, my dear you are wonderfully made and beautiful. Do you know what are those big butts and breast ladies go through everyday?. They say the grass seems greener from the other side till you get close. My dear believe me when you worry less of your look that is when you wil see a man who will appreciate you the way you are trust me.

  2. My dear just be yourself and be receptive as pointed out by Amara. Your man will find u soon, dnt put in your head other ppl's negative comments about u. God bless u

  3. Dear poster,Amara has said it all. I read a news about a woman who took an injection to enhance her backside,and she passed on to the great beyond. If you move close to these "endowed" ladies,they will tell you how what they pass through. Personally,i like my lady slim,with every bit of "endowments" moderate.


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