Thursday, June 18, 2015

Should I insist on court marriage or?

Good evening ma. Thanks for establishing this forum
Pls I need your personal advise and that of the forum. My hubby is loving and caring, infact I have no regrets marrying him. But the issue is this: by God's grace, we own three plots land and two cars all through me. 
When we bought all these things, I had no problem registering them in my hubby's name. However, I started having fears cos no one knows tomorrow and anything can happen and I might not be able to claim joint ownership of the assets. 
Meanwhile, my hubby has refused to a court wedding with me. What if anything happens to him (God forbid in Jesus Name) and his family strip me of what we have laboured for? His bank account's next of kin is his wicked elder brother. Please advice me, should I insist on a court marriage or insist on registering our properties as Mr and mrs X? 
Sorry for the long story.
Dear sender,
No evil shall befall your husband and that of your family. 
You shall live and not die,you shall reap the fruits of your labour and nobody shall take what you laboured for.
Instead of fighting a battle you may never win,please go on your knees and pray it through.
Stop investing in your fears and choose to believe God for the very best.
Instead of pushing for court marriage,suggest for  the  documentation to always include your name so that it would be well captured. However do not allow this to destroy your home. 
If God gave you this,he has the capacity to do more no matter the circumstances you may find yourself.

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