Thursday, June 18, 2015

He stopped calling ,what do I do?

Please no insult or abusive words.
I met him on Facebook,he was the one that added me up,we became friends so I later found out that he was from my town. We started chatting,talking to each other on phone.We do talk like two times in a week and chat in other days. 
I have started loving him. He supposed to come back in April but didn't make it,so he promised to come back on December period(he is not in the country) I knew he loves me too. He showed me all the things he bought for me,so we are waiting for Christmas time. Some time last month he told me that he had someone he told to be monitoring me,that the person tells him both good and bad about me but he takes the good ones and leave the bad because nobody is perfect. 
We both laughed over it. (Am always at home unless when I go for lectures, am not the type that visit people). I love this guy with all my heart even though we have not seen each other but his seriousness and honesty made me to love him more. Ok the thing now is that he stopped talking to me since last week,I have tried all I could to know what the problem was but all to no avail. 
He only tried to tell me that "I should look at his pictures and understand that he is no more a kid". He doesn't call me on phone again nothing nothing.
Please what do I do? Should I let him go? Am so so confused.
Dear sender, 
I am not doubting what you feel for this man but I worry why you have refused to apply some caution and maturity to the relationship. 
He may be as honest as you said but he may also be as harmful as you can never imagine. 
He may genuinely love you but he may also be out to dupe you while you are here falling asleep sorry in love with him. 
Please apply some level of maturity to this. 
Do not rush him all because he said he was in abroad or because of the pictures he sent to you. 
Let him do the needful by coming down to meet with you. 
Until you have met with him, please do not fantasise over him as you may be doing that at your own loss. 
Be wise and be careful to avoid regrets and disappointments. 
If he couldn't call you as he used to, you may do well to find out what limited him from calling but do not choke him with calls because he may not be all you felt he was. 
And if he is too busy to call and communicate with you, please get busy and build your life to become responsible, mature and a wise lady. 


  1. It is sad that most people can't take an independent and correct decision for once especially in romantic relationship. what on earth should make anyone committed to online relationship when they haven't met each other? Counting your chicks when the eggs are hatched is not wisdom. I urge you to concentrate with your study and have your requirements for a husband so that when they start coming you will know how to choose. Leave that 'angel' you are yet to see.

  2. Lol. ..Long throat. You don see all the things he bought for you and now you wan die put.No give yourself brain.

  3. Lol. ..Long throat. You don see all the things he bought for you and now you wan die put.No give yourself brain.


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