Thursday, June 18, 2015

I feel like dying! I need help.

Hi AVL, have been reading your post and how you have been touching lives.
Am a young lady in my early 20s a student and an entrepreneur as well. I fell in love with a guy my roommate in school introduced to me,we dated for some months. He took my virginity. After the night he slept with me, I found out he has a daughter and the baby mama is actually living with him. 
I confronted him, he didn't deny it. but told me he wasn't married to the lady and has no intention of marrying her.
I broke up with him, because i cant be a source of pain to the lady. After, a month I found out i was pregnant.I called and told him, he told me he can't take up the responsibility. I refused to abort the pregnancy

Four months later, he came back and started pleading for forgiveness, that things hasn't been well with him since I left him. I told him have forgiven him. but my anger here now is that he went and told my roommate , that I wasn't a virgin when he met me. i got pregnant for another man and want to trick him into taking responsibility. 
All the while this was happening, i never told anyone. I pleaded with him to keep it a secret till I leave the school environment. Now the news is everywhere, my roommate has so soiled my name, people around me now see me as a slut . 
Am so ashamed to move around. I feel like killing him. I want to let go of what happened, but each time I hear people gossip with my name, tell stories about what happened, I hate him the more. please, its really weighing me down. How do I get over this trauma and move on with my life. please I need help. Am dying inside.

Dear sender,
Those who talk and gossip about others most times have no identity.
I feel you need to review those you call friends including the one you called your boyfriend and your girlfriend.
For her to introduce a cheat and irresponsible man for a boyfriend for you shows how much she want to make mockery of you.
When you have reviewed your list,please live and be grateful for life. Many ladies die daily as a result abortion complications.
Please you do not owe anyone explanations for the decisions you took in life and whatever people make of it,its simply their opinion.
Its time for you to embrace the cross that has redeemed and restored you to perfection.
Be bold and be happy for having experienced your past and overcame the hurdles.
You are God's best and nothing can reduce your value and virtue in God's sight.


  1. I can imagine d pain u went through but my dear u still ve 2 genuinely 4giv dis guy, ur room mate & evry oda pern dat must ve in 1 way or d oda cost u pain by so doing, u ve exhibited true Christianity. In as much as u are 4giving dem, make sure u do not ve dem as ur circle of friends again. Let dem remain in ur past. Concentrate on ur studies & pay less attention 2 wat those gossips may fabricate abut u in no tym, ur own man who will be ther 4 u will surely surface.

  2. Thank God u are back to ur feet.
    Ask God 4 grace to 4give him and dat ur wolf-in-sheep-clothing roomie. Then 4get abt dem and neva eva wish dem evil(though nt that easy).

    The tot of ur past shld nt kill u. Falling is nt d worst,but falling and neva rising.Also,wen u fall down and rise and u fail 2 forgive ursef and doz who made u fall,it shows u av nt risen 4rm ur fall.

    Wen people kip hurting u and u react negatively,it makes dem api and wnt to hurt u more,but wen u ignore dem,dey bcom angry,frustrated and tired.

    Also,u av 2 be very careful wt ur heart.
    Smtymz,it may be dat only 2 or 3 pple heard and are talking abt u but ur heart kipz telling u dat everybody has heard abt it.

    My dear,dnt kill ursef inside. U ar God's child and favourite. Even if u think everybody hates u,God loves u greatly and has d best 4 u!


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