Friday, June 19, 2015

Who do I choose? I don't want to make mistake!

Please ma'am help me and post this for I am confused. 
There are two men that want to marry me. Both of them are nice. One is not working yet and because of that he is not ready to settle down now and he in a state very far from where I reside while the second is working,very ready to settle down and in same state with me. I like both of them very well because of the way they treat me. But the issue now is confused , don't know which one to marry. I really want to settle down not that am desperate, I have never been desperate in my life to marry but the problem now is that I was diagnosed of fibroid few months ago. No money to carry out the operation. 
Before I met the second guy, i.e, a night before the day we first met, for a while we have been talking on phone because a friend of his who knows me too gave him my contact. So we have been talking on phone. 
So the night before the day we finally met,I had a dream where we first met, he gave me a good treat, showed me everything he has made for me, that he doesn't Want me to lack anything when he marries me. After showing me all the beautiful things , he showed me a grave that was dug and sealed. 
He said he even made the grave for me to his own taste so that after spending my life on this earth that I won't be buried in any how grave. I was scared when I woke up that I nearly quit our meeting the next day. But one thing with me is that not all my dreams happens the way I dreamed it. At times it happens in opposite way. Since then till now I have been in a state of confusion, I have been praying and fasting for God to show me the dream again or interpret it for me and at the same time show me which of them that is my real hubby but no way. The two men seriously want me and both of them, from the little I have seen in them are my choice but am confused. I don't want to make mistake in life. 
Please my people advice me.

Dear sender,
Relationship and marriage is not only about what you would gain and profit from a man,it also includes then sacrifices, the pains and challenging experiences you are willing to endure with him.
If the reason why you like both of them was because of the way they treat you,how well have you been treating them?
By lying that he is the only one but you go behind him to meet the second man?
By comparing them based on their financial and work status while you claim not to be desperate?
By looking for the best amongst them instead of looking for whom to grow with?
You need to change your orientation about relationship and marriage to avoid falling in a pit of deception.
Please equip yourself with the right virtues and quit double dating. If you do not know who compliments you as a lady and a person, discharge both of them and discover yourself first before thinking of marriage.
Go for who makes you happy not who is ready to marry. Settle for a man of vision and not a wealthy man. You would understand the difference later in life.
Pray and pray much more that you do not fall into the pit of abuse,and emotional torture when you get married.
God knows much more than you do,please draw close to him and ask Him to reveal his will and purpose for your life and marriage.

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