Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Stick with a partner that has a future!

Hello aunty Amara weldone for a job welldone.
I just want to encourage someone with my story.
I met my hubby when he had nothing. When we were dating he opened up to me that he had issues with school due to fake addmission he found himself 
I was like ok no problem as far you are ready to learn and further his education.
Am a graduate, we dated for seven years before we finally got married but during those years without a job he was just hustling so he made little cash I too was jobless after school but what tripped me was with what he made,  he shares it into three,  saves one part,gives me one part and uses the other for himself .
He made sure I never lacked even with his nothing.
We got married without jobs but I knew he has a bright future I stood by him ,in never complained ,instead we would cry together and pray and trust God to change our story .
And God came through he got a job that could pay our bills ,I also got a job was even paid higher than he was,we were able to save to move to a 2bed room ,and two years after what am enjoying now its still like a dream,we are not where we ought to be but we are not where we used to be .
God has lifted us that people that knew us before are amazed.
why did I share this,  stick with a man that has a future and when God opens the way you would  be amazed.


  1. This post just came in when I neede it the most. I am currently dating a guy that didn't go to the University. But wants to further while I am a graduate. I love him thogh but sometimes,love is not enough. He has a future but am scared.

  2. This is one of the best post i have ever come across, those girls that want already made men hear this,Owu cannot last forever it is not permanent stick with a guy that love you even if he have nothing one day GOD will remember him. It is not all about money but love,if there is love the sky will not only be your limit. #Ella

  3. @saffron gold: yeah, love is not the only glue that can keep a marriage or relationship going. There are other factors. If you're having doubts about his lack of university degree, ask yourself whether he has dreams, passions, is hardworking, fears God, is good-looking, has a good heart, and makes you happy. If he has most of what I listed, pls don't let go of him. At least the qualities I listed can make up for his lack of university degree. And he should also have a teachable heart.

  4. Congratulations! I have got the message.

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