Wednesday, July 8, 2015

A guy want to date me, please advise me

Good day Aunty Amara
Am a girl of 20 going 21 i have five junior siblings am the first born and from a broken home.
I have a guy who want me to date him, i told him i cant that we can be friends.
 I dont demand from him he comes to my hostel most times, he is a good person, he talks about me to his friends.
Whenever i remind him i dont have feelings for him, he is not always fine emotionally, his friends calls me to settle things between us.
I made up my mind am not going to date guys anymore till am ready to get married and he was aware of it.
Reasons i wanted to stay alone, i wanted to concentrate on my studies, with God on my side i have siblings to take care of.
Am still with this guy to make him happy and another thing that sacres me is some of my hostel mates tells me if i push him away, i might be pushing my future husband away.
Please advice your little sister. Sorry for any errors.

Dear sender,
I admire your courage and perseverance even in tough circumstances.
I am glad that you have planned yourself and have also prioritized your time to suit your need.
But I would love to ask (this is sister's gist.. LoL) do you really admire him or have any feelings for him? If you do, then you can show him some appreciation so that the young man doesn't starve himself of food because of you.
Since you have told him your plans and focus for yourself in school and you are convinced that he wouldn't be a distraction to you, then go ahead entertain good friends who would support and encourage you to become better in life.
Do not shut off your heart until when you are about getting married.
There may be a lesson or two you might miss in the process nor should you treat those who wish to apply rudely because like your friends said, you know not who the one is even if you have the picture, you are yet to receive the original copy so keep the doors open at your own convenience.
But any friendship that will distract you from your studies and make you a single mum should be avoided in all ramifications.
At 21 you should be praying and preparing yourself spiritually, emotionally and psychologically for marriage and family.
Encourage your siblings to give their best just as you do so that you wouldn't have a lot of burden to bear in future.
That said, I look forward to seeing you graduate with first class honours in your department.
Don't forget education without God is a waste so draw closer to God and always tell him how you feel and what you think of anything. He is a loving dad and so kind that he helps even when we have no idea he's around.
Am I forgetting anything?
Yes, irrespective of your current circumstances, remember that you are loved and greatly cherished by God Almighty and by me.
All the best dear.


  1. Hello! I so much believe you know what you had in mind to achieve before you went into school, so don't let friends advice you on what to do that is not related to your success in school. If you know within yourself that you're not ready to go into a relationship, please stick to that. The guy who wants to date you should understand that you're not in for that yet and if you have no intention of dating him in future and you are not comfortable being his friend, it's best you tell him your mind. If he in turn is not ready to be just a friend, he should let you be but if he is willing to wait for you to finish your studies in all sincerity, I pray to God that things work out fine for you both.
    For now, it's very advisable you put God and your family in mind in whatever decision you that while in school.

    God bless.

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  3. This young boy will not leave innocent little gurl alone to concentrate on her studies,from friendship now they will develop feeling and emotions.
    Dear plz be determined and don't let any guy Violate u,also alyx keep in touch with Amara and learn from the advice she gives her fans so u can also be equipped on the game_lie man do.
    Remember u are to make us proud in sch and u have younger ones that u gonna be a role model to.


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