Saturday, July 11, 2015


You saw him from a far and you wished he could talk to you.
He approached you and made you feel the love that you so much yearned for.
He told you the things your parents never told about and made you blush and smile at the same time.
You listened with keen interest.
Am I on earth or in heaven?
Sandra and Cynthia once talked about him and you couldn't believe he would choose you over them.

He made so many promises to you. How he would spin your world around and make you fly on eagle's wing.
He had his plans well thought out.
His looks were smashing and flawless. He smelled so lovely and you longed to be in his arms forever.
You were in school and couldn't wait to graduate so that you could simply inform anyone who cared to listen that you have met the prince miracle since charming is long gone.

You have so much prayed and fasted to meet with him. You devoted yourself and your life to the things of God. Your parents so much trusted you and you vowed never to disappoint them no matter what the devil was saying.
You found yourself working hard to make ends meet and he came to you.
Told you that he doesn't mind where you came from but what mattered was where you and Him would end up... Paradise island!

He reminded you of how angelic and adorable you were.
Made you feel grateful ,better and hopeful.
You told him how things hasn't been soo easy for you.
How you had to struggled to pay your bills and survived with the meagre allowance from your parents in the village.

He assured you of the future and told you never to worry.
He promised marriage and swore with his name never to leave you.
Love forever and with you together.
It was a dream come true.. You told no one and never wanted anyone to tell you anything negative about him.
You gave him your heart and boom the story began!
He started with touching and you reminded him of your vows in church to keep your body.

He reminded you of how much he loved and cherished you and how he has introduced you to his friends and enemies.
He even gave your number to his priest for prayers and showed your pictures to his family.
They all love you and he took hold of your body.

You frowned but was assured that he was honest.
You suggested condom but he said skin to skin was better.
Besides he has given you some money and have bought a lot of gifts for you.
Why would you resist you thought?
Second time, third time, and the love was growing, everything was lovely.

Not until you called to inform him that you missed your period.
He told you not to worry, the drugs you took would take care of it.
He gave you money for flushing pills and reminded you that he wasn't ready for any responsibilities.
He told you how his business collapsed and how his family were never in support of you.

He remembered he was still in school and wouldn't want to associate with a village girl.
You looked at him, taught about all he said and didn't say.
And you decided to go for a test.

You are six weeks gone the lab scientist announced!
You remembered how much your parents have invested in you.
You thought about the shame and the disappointment.
You thought about what you didn't do right and what you could have done better.
You placed a call to him, sweetheart, I'm pregnant you said with all excitement.
Please never you call this line he responded. I don't know who you are nor what you are talking about.

I knew you were a prostitute, and I have always suspected that you were cheating on me.
Get lost and deal with your carelessness.
Shattered and filled with tears,you confided in your best friend and she offered to get you a drink that would eradicate the baby and set yourself free.

You never wanted your mum to know of it so you gave it a thought.

I know many ladies may have been through this cycle in their life and while few decided to keep the baby some felt it was best eradicating the baby.

I know it is a painful and a difficult decision to make especially when you have to carry the cross alone.
I know you wished it never happened and wished you could have reversed every thing that happened.

I know that everyone may mock you and your church may reject you.
I know your parents will shout at you and they will condemn you.

I know that your baby may disorganise your plans for yourself and you may not achieve as much as you desired
I know it may be difficult moments for you and you may have many sorrows than joy.
I know that abortion will save you from the public embarrassment and the stress of taking care of a child that the father has rejected.

I know that you have realized yourself and you wished to correct yourself by aborting the baby.
I know that you have a right over your body and you have the choice to either keep or remove the baby.

Unfortunately the baby in your womb is neither yours nor do you have right over his or her life
Sadly you are accountable for the life of that precious baby in your womb.
Tampering with the life of the baby is poking into God's eyes and drawing the wrath of God against yourself.

Whether you prepared for it or not, the baby belongs to God.
Whether the father chooses to accept or reject the baby, the baby is precious and priceless to God.
No matter what the world calls the baby, he is legitimate and the seed of the Almighty God.

Many people who committed abortion in the past today regrets their action.
Some never had the privilege to experience life anymore.
Some never had the privilege to experience motherhood.
Some had experienced delayed conception as a result of abortion.

You may have many reasons to justify abortion but to God, abortion is equal to Murder and when you tamper with what he has made sacred, you may never return alive.

It is best to abstain from sex till marriage and wise to preserve the life of a precious baby irrespective of the circumstances surrounding his conception.
If he suggested abortion, please do not have anything to do with him nor should you heed to such opinion.
If he rejected his baby,please do not lose your conscience and put your life under the knife.

Abortion is NEVER an option for consideration!
Consider keeping your body for marriage!


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  2. Hmm,....are we aware that from research,it has been discovered that 67% to 70% of women having fertility problems,have had at least 1 abortion??? ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101


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