Saturday, July 11, 2015

Am I being too protecting?

Aunty good morning...please post this for me. 
I met a guy that has the intention of getting married to me. 
I love him but the problem is that he is the type that had nothing to do with girls...I am his first girlfriend he never had sex before likewise me. 
I am the type that kissing and touching can irritate me and make me feel that you came for my body not that you truly love me....
He accepted no sex until marriage but can't do without romance but but advised that i call him back to his senses each time he is crossing boundary ....
Ma'am i am confused am i the one that is being too protecting...
Should i accept what he said.??

Dear sender,
It is only normal for a man who truly love you to have sexual feelings for you.
That shouldn't make you feel worried rather it should provide the avenue for you to discuss about sex and get to know what his perceptions are with respect to sex and marriage.
What you will need to do is help him by setting the boundary and assuring him of your understanding and willingness to unravel the new heaven once the time is right.
Minimise late night dates and house visits so that there wouldn't be room for romance.
Do not reject him because of his touchy attitude, he's only responding to nature's configuration but help him to control it as he encouraged you.
Do not show those lovely cleavages and pretty body so as not to unleash the dragon.
Use this privileges to learn more about him and see how you can help him succeed in life.
All the best.

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