Saturday, July 4, 2015

Boldly say NO to sexual assault!

Good afternoon ma,
its kind of an advice to girls out there...
I got admitted to study accounting at one of the universities in the eastern part of Nigeria....then I was living with my uncle and he was talking care of me and providing for me...
He even helped me to get the admission...gave me money for acceptance fee and other departmental fees but to my dismay when it was time to pay my fees he asked me to go back to my parents just because I refused to have sex with him......
Please for those out there who might be on the same situation....boldly say NO
God will surely cause people to help you
Am happy writing this because of the decision I took...
Am currently learning how to make hair while waiting for the commencement of Pume....

Dear sender,
What really stunned me wasn't exactly what your uncle did to you but your deep conviction and confidence in your identity.
You didn't stop there but went all ahead to equip yourself with a skill that would make you independent and able to cater for your need.
And who said God won't send destiny helpers for your sake?
Please hold unto God and don't be discouraged by what you may have experienced in the hands of your uncle.
Forgive your uncle for what the devil wanted to accomplish using him.
The God who has began this great work in you shall perfect it in due time.
I am sincerely proud of you and heaven celebrates you.


  1. Wow uncle requesting to have SEX with niece/cursing that is abomination. Please run for your dear life,do not come closer to him because he is evil. GOD will provide for you. #Ella

  2. 'Baby Girl',I must confess am very proud of you. Please,keep it up,and please,keep me posted.

    @ALL: PLEASE NOTE: It is not about the sex. The sex is just a means the devil uses to access your future,to plants his own evil seeds,destroy things,rob you of your great future and set you up for disaster later,so you don't become much in life,and become a threat to him and his plans. Please,beware - it is not what it seems to be. It is not about the sex; it is about YOUR is not just about sleeping with Potiphar's wife; it is about not becoming the Prime Minister of Egypt. Sex with Potiphar's wife,or Prime Minister of Egypt.....Porridge or your inheritance? Choose right!

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