Saturday, July 4, 2015

Whenever I pray, I see him in my dreams

Good day ma'am, please post ASAP and please notify me when posted.
In my previous relationships,whenever i pray asking God to reveal the right person,hoping to see the person am dating I always see someone else,this person is someone I have known for three years as a casual friend from school but I don't like his tribe and he's the only one that keeps showing himself in my dreams and I have never dated someone and see the both of us together in the dream talk more of an ordinary friend.
Just last month after I broke up with my ex,he asked me out and i accepted, I prayed the same prayer I do pray and he was the same person and when i was in my last relationship someone told me she saw me getting married to this same person but the problem now is he had someone he was asking out before I accepted him,now he still talks to her on phone and do delete his messages and I also found out he has so many ladies around him,and most of them I know he has dated or still dating.
please I don't know what to do,I don't want to fall out from what God wants for me and I can't be with someone who has another relationship, I just don't know what to do,I know he really loves me and am begining to feel that way too.

Dear sender,
What you described in your mail isn't God revealing His will for you but your mind admiring and reminding you of him having liked him except for his place of origin.
This may have been the reason why you are unable to commit yourself to a relationship.
There is nothing wrong with admiring a brother or appreciating the attributes and features of a man you like or love but to have the kind of dream you described and tag it as God revealing His purpose for your marriage is simply taking it out of context.
Looking closely to the same man who you feel is God's will for you, he appears as though he is a flirt who derives joy and satisfaction in the company of many ladies he can conquer.
Clearly not the kind of a man God would probably reveal to you as your husband.
If the eyes be single, the whole body will be full of light but when his attention is taken, he wouldn't commit himself to you.
So lets establish the first fact,you love and admire him but your dream wasn't from God.
Secondly if you wish to encourage him to redefine the relationship, then you need to let him know that you are not comfortable with his kindness and caring for many other women and that you cannot cope with such circumstances.
If he cannot commit to you, then you would have to to reconsider and go back to God in prayers.
When God reveals His will,it will conform with his word and the partner will be someone who genuinely have a deep relationship with God not just any kind of a man.
Trust in God with all your heart and allow Him to guide your path.


  1. I am not sure you're ok, you see girls round him both the ones he is dating/asking out/ casual friends. Yet you accepted his proposal You're already making mistake you have to wake up. #Ella

  2. Hmm,..... Dear,before you start praying for God to reveal your right partner,have you also prayed for Him to reveal His plan and purpose for your life? When you discover your life's purpose,it will weed the wrong partners out of your life. That is how God designed it to work. There is no right partner for anyone who has not discovered the reason why he/she was born. The will of God for your life is the PRIMARY CLUE to His will for your marriage. It is foolishness to marry someone who is not headed in the same direction as you,and who shares your VALUES,BELIEFS,& GOALS. Potential partners should find you doing what you were born to do,and make up their minds whether they still want you,or not.
    Secondly,you don't marry a DEFECTIVE PRODUCT.


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