Monday, July 13, 2015

Cultists attacked my boyfriend!

Hello ma please i need advice am scared and confused. 
my boyfriend is in his final year and will be writing his final paper next week . 
Earlier last week he told me that he was attacked by cultist and one of his friend is one of them that came to attack him at his apartment. 
He said they want him to join (but it sounds somehow because he is in his final year already what contribution will he make anyway). 
He's being threatened and he has reported to the police and elders of that town. Yesterday he told mee that he saw one of the cultist and that one told him that the rest of the cultist have bad plans for him. 
He was forced to tell me because he will be worried that i will be scared and i told him to tell his parent but he refused. I told his brother because i felt he cant handle the issue on his own emotionally and physically and besides he will be starting exams in few days time. 
Please i need advice what can he do to overcome this and should i inform his parent. Thanks

Dear sender,
My opinion maybe wrong but your partner has more to say than he has currently revealed to you.
Cultists do not attack those whose identity is known to all but those who have ally with them as their enemies.
It's likely that he could have been involved with some cultism activities which made him vulnerable for attacks.
Please remember, the people who get punished most times when cultists fight for supremacy is always those who are related to him whether by blood or by love.
Be wise and if I may suggest distance yourself from his stories.
If truly he doesn't know a thing or two about them, he wouldn't be hesistant in telling his parents and seeking every means to bring them to book but his body language indicated that there are certain things he never told you.
Pray that God will deliver him but please be wise and be vigilant.

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  1. You want to hear the truth. You boyfriend na INJUS man. It's not possible for them to force him to join. He is a member but refused to do what he does before and they are wanting him back.

    He will soon run from school people like that don't graduate. They leave school and start life again elsewhere.

    Anyway the decision is yours but their is really nothing you can do. I wonder what you want us to do, my advice is you face your book and stay as far as possible away from him so that if them come for am you no go take head carry the matter.

    All the best.


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