Monday, July 13, 2015

Can we make it?

I was introduced to you by a friend...
I really need you to help and advise me on this issue.
We've been together for a year and about five months, lives near to each other then..
we broke up after she discovered that I lied to her about a girl,even though she believed me she really felt bad for this lie. 
Aside that,We've been good friends. We were friends for five years before we began seeing each other and her siblings knew about us(She's lost her parents same as me). 
Since I'm an only child things have been pretty tough for me but she's always been there even when we had the aforementioned problem and she's been through thick and thin too,believe me I've been there for her too.
After the break up she Changed her residency.
Four months after her travel we reconciled again. We're both very young,we just turned twenty.. But she's so scared.
People said we won't get this far,we did. But she's troubled what if anything go wrong. Can there really be love? If there is do you think we'll get through this together? 
I love her very much just as much as she do.. but I don't know if I'm being too Childish but once things get better I really want to marry her. 
We both want to. We've done everything to get Jehovah's approval,our relationship is clean and we don't intend dirting it. 
What advice do you have for us? Can we make it? How? Please help!
When I say how,I mean how can we keep this bond stronger..more stronger? or is this a dream that may never be realized. I'm scared too..
Dear sender,
I must commend your writing skill and your maturity in how you have managed the circumstances you have found yourself in life.
Many would have given up but you saw hope, believed faith and held unto the God of Love.
I do pray that God shall perfect the desires of your heart and favour you in all your endeavors.
No dreams is impossible, if we can see it, and we believe in it and we are willing to pay the prize and the necessary sacrifices then that dream is only but a reality that is waiting for manifestation.
You have been through a lot even when it wasn't easy for you nor do you understand what you were investing in but by his grace, you overcame and you made amends where you made mistakes.
There have been many who have walked through this path just like you are doing and they succeeded.
The real question is are you emotionally, spiritually and psychologically ready for the challenges that may test your commitment and devotion to your partner?
Are you going to commit yourself to her even when there may be other beautiful ladies starting at you to say hi to them?
Will you be able to withstand the pressures and the pains that loving her may bring to you?
If you are courageous to give your heart to love, then entertain no fear any uncertainties but be positive, and resilient.
Use this opportunity to invest in your future by equipping yourself with the resources and skills that you need to create wealth.
Encourage her to also learn some skills that she can use to make some money later in life.
If you have enough funds then you may consider enrolling for a weekend programmes so that you can develop the educational area of your life.
Also invest in communicating with your partner and always discuss on how your future would be better than your past.
Fate may have and you experience the unpleasant experiences of life but you can decide to give your children a better and a brighter future .
I commend you for not choosing to place romance over your vision for your relationship.
Always remember that one moment of careless pleasure may render your beautiful dreams empty and useless.
It may make you to grow backwards and expose you to untold hardship that will make you never achieve as much as you desired in life.
In all build on your communication, and commitment with her, invest in your lives by training yourself to create more wealth than you have today and never forget the God who has given you the vision.
With him, nothing is impossible and nothing can be an obstacle to him.
Be hopeful and remember that if God has approved of her, nothing can hinder her from becoming your wife.
All the best.

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