Monday, July 13, 2015

Where is this heading to?

Good morning ma may God continue to bless you as you bless every youth with your advice ma. 
Am 28 years am in a relationship of one year plus but am still not sure where the relationship is heading cos every little thing I do my man flames up even in public. 
I can't confide in him cos every discussion we have once we have little problem he tells it out. 
He doesn't like seeing me with friends or family like cousin except the ones from my own parent 
When I try moving on he comes begging and promises to change but after settlement he'll still be as he was, don't know what to do. 
Am already engaged to him but the anger is still high ma 
please I need your advice am confused on what to do ma.thank you ma.

Dear sender
When a man begins to act strange for no just cause, there may either be a pressure he's confronting or there is someone in the picture who is indirectly influencing his convictions and perceptions of your personality.
This may make him to start looking for loopholes to terminate the relationship or to accuse you of not being the kind of wife he wishes to marry.
In any case, do maintain a peaceful disposition.
Be patient with him, do not confront him. Do not panic or let his gambles make you shiver.
Do not let his insecurities and worries make you to lose your sense and essence of life and relationship with others.
I would suggest that you give him some space so that he can decide exactly what he needs and be courageous to let you know.
Do not reduce your self esteem because he gave you an engagement ring.
Look unto God with hope and pray for him.
Encourage him in your own little way but do not lose your identity.
If God has destined him for you, be rest assured that nothing will hinder it from coming to fulfilment.

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