Monday, July 13, 2015

Is it worth it?

Whatever you compromise to get,you will ever compromise to keep. I see and hear some ugly things people do just because they must keep that which they have got through a wrong means.

How we often destroy other people just because we must get there.He believed you are his best friend in the office.You made him trust you so much that he left himself open to you.You discussed with him as a friend against your boss only for you to go behind to tell your boss how much he hates him.You poisoned her just because she was promoted before you.Now you have taken her position.You are now the boss in that department with all the goodies attached to it.Do you have peace?Is it worth the struggles?

You acted the good and loyal pastor before your pastor's wife making her push her husband,the General Overseer,into disliking the other junior pastor.Eventually,he was sent away from the church with all kinds of negative comments.You destroyed another man's ministry and image just to have yours prosper.I want to ask you this question;looking at where you are now and the things happening to you,is it worth it?Do you have the greatest asset of life,peace that passes all understanding?

Now,let us look into our relationships. A good number of people are today married to the wrong person.This happened because you lacked patience which is necessary in life.You decided to get married because your mates were all married.You rushed into it without counting the cost.Now,where are you? Is it worth it?
Some very smart women played their games well and took the man away from the innocent girl he should be married to. Some are married to their best friend's husband. Some fought and lied their way into the heart of a man.Some used people to fabricate lies against the other girl just because they must have him. Some go out of their way and use photoshop against another girl just to prove to her fiancee that she is a whore. You killed a soul even while she still lives. There is also a good number of women who used their bottom power to have him for keeps.You will also agree with me that some women used demonic means to have him as a husband.

You did all those things and played the game of smartness,appeared to be the opposite of what you truly are just to become Mrs. Your friend went on showing you all that her boyfriend was buying for her only for you to go behind and destroy her relationship. You stopped your neighbour's daughter's marriage by going to her fiancee with lies. I am happy for you madam,but I want you to tell yourself the truth today;is it worth it?

You sold your country just because you want to be counted among the rich and influential; you make the masses believe you are doing it for our own good. You call yourself an activist but you are worse than the politicians you speak against. You speak against them in the light but dine with them in darkness. You claim to be raising money for the good of humanity; you have all the media houses publishing your so called humanitarian work, but you know that only 10% of what you receive goes to the poor. Sometimes, the pictures you use on your websites have nothing to do with your organization. You sold your conscience just to be among the rich. What if you are not able to see tomorrow? What then happens to the ill-gotten wealth?

Don't forget this; when you acquire wealth through deceit, your mouth shall one day be filled with gravels. You don't have to play any game to keep that man or woman. Just be yourself and whoever loves you will be there. Don't lie against others just to be recognized. Don't betray the trust your boss or nation has on you due to pressure and pleasure of life. 

Vanity upon vanity, says the preacher; all is vanity. I always remind myself of one thing: the whole struggles and comfort of life is nothing; eternity is all that matters. 

I don't know when I will live this world; you don't know when your clock will stop ticking. Do something positive while you still have your breath; do it with every genuineness of heart, that's what God looks at.

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