Monday, July 13, 2015

How to Respect my Husband!

Good evening ma,please I need your advise,my hubby is always complaining that I don't respect him.
please,I need advise on how I can respect my hubby,which am ready to comply with,tanks and God blesss you ma.
Dear sender,
Some people have lost what they so much cherish because they simply never appreciated it, some felt they could do as they wish and have it their way only for them to realise rather too late that what they love so much wasn't theirs anymore.
It must have taken a great deal of humility and understanding for you to have sought to understand how best to respect and make your husband feel happy and loved by you.
A lady so much long to hear her man say "I love you to the moon and back" but for men, it's quite different because they cherish any woman who would respect them, massage their ego and give them the sense of authority and appreciation for what they do and for who they are.
Let me start with the most common errors many women make in their home.
Nagging: for a lady this can be termed an advice, suggestions, warnings or reminders but for a man,he may perceive that as nagging especially when you have to shove it down his throat without giving him any breathing space.
As a wise lady, you must first appreciate the daily pressures and challenges of your husband and know when he's in his best mood to listen to your opinions and suggestions.
Do not just say it because you want to get at him but do it with all kindness and soothing words.
You should also understand his temperament and his mood swings to know how to talk to him and not provoke him to worries, fears or anger.
Lack of appreciation
Every man is fighting a battle and he so much desire a lady who understands and appreciates his efforts no matter how little they may be.
Compliment him, celebrate him, take some time out of your busy day to remind him of how much his presence has made you complete and happy.
Every appreciation you give to your husband will spur him to appreciate him the more.
Don't take anything he does for granted. Most often they are what destroys the romance and the flow or excitement of a home.
Always find a reason to say thank you darling, you are the best.
Even when he doesn't succeed or when he makes some mistakes, assure him of your love and trust in him.
Remember every act of gratitude to your husband will make him desire to please you more.
Too much argument
This happens when there is a battle for supremacy of ideas opinions and views.
What you may be suggesting may be the best but how you go about it will either push him to the wall or crush his egos. Never you at any point feel that you can talk as you wish because the heart that receives every word may not understand your intentions but will only act on your confessions.
When ever you discuss with him, listen and when he's done, make some suggestions not instructions or commands. Do not always insist on your own way instead suggest what you feel may be the best approach to it and do well to respect his decision even when he may not be comfortable with it.
A virtuous woman commands the heart of her husband on her knees not with her lips.

Always pay attention to him when he is saying something, never compare him with anyone else no matter what he may have done.
Do not remind him of his errors or say anything about his family or personality in the form of joke or mere opinions that would hurt him.
Finally, this is not a rules and regulations article on how to respect your husband but its an attempt to help you examine areas where you need to work on and also guide you on how best to relate with your husband without disrespecting him.
With wisdom, understanding and patience, you would know how best to make your husband happy with you and also feel comfortable sharing his heart with you without fears or worries about your perceptions of his personality.
Every man crave for respect, just as every lady craves for love, let your attitude make your man desire to always be with you and not to scare him away.

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