Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Did I react in a bad way?

Please I want you to post this for me and notify me when you post it. 
Also advice me.
I have done my traditional marriage for five months now, my husband stays in Germany, am here in Nigeria. 
He called me to send my account number for his sister to send money he sent to me. 
Was surprised and sad, I asked him why did he not use my account to send it that it's wrong. 
He said his sister is his flesh, and said what of me. He said I am wife to be we never wedded,I should not ask him that stupid question again. 
If I don't want to send my account number I should forget it. 
I will not sent it, have made up my mind. 
My question now is, is it good for my husband to send money to me through his sister?
Did I react in a bad way? Because am loosing it.

Dear sender,
I understand how angry this action would have made you feel and I believe that you must have known him much more to have desired marriage with him.
However this singular attitude seems to me as though he doesn't trust in your personality especially when it has to do with funds.
I may not know why or what made him decide to send you money through his sister and defending it in the manner he did made me feel as though he doesn't so much appreciate your personality.
However in marriage sometimes you don't fight for who is right and who isn't but for the collective peace and unity of your home.
His choosing to send you money through his sister wasn't the best but your challenging him wasn't any better.
Take your time and find out why he felt his decision was the best and also share your thoughts with him on this.
Don't push, nag or bug him over this.
You would need to understand his personality so as to know how best to approach him and make your demands without making him feel less of the man that he is.
Work more on strengthening the communication between you and him and do not forget he need all the assurance, encouragements appreciations and prayers to prosper in his endeavor and also make you happy in life


  1. Ur hubby acted like a kid,u r his wife he should learn to be confidential with u.

    1. The husband did not act like a kid. The poster did. Haba!
      How do u women see things?
      The man sent money to Nigeria through one account. This poster is actually dump bcos she thinks he can actually send money to hccount from there like that. There is nothing to be worried abt here

  2. Ur hubby acted like a kid,u r his wife he should learn to be confidential with u.

  3. Hello! From the reply your husband gave (according to your writeup), it seems you both are not really in good terms. You're done with just the traditional marriage and things have turned out to be like this. Well, all you have to do is send your account number to his sister because there is no other option.

    Reading your post alone, one can easily conclude that it's either the partial union is not founded on love or the love is not being reciprocated. You need to sit with your husband and know how best you both can build a great home, cos the foundation is really faulty.

    I wish you all the best though. God bless your home.

  4. Amara has said it all. Moreover there's no how he would have sent her money from Germany without going through money gram or western union. Probably he was sending his people money and decided to add his wife's own, because if he sends his family money through his wife, his wife will definitely complain and compare her money to his family's. I feel he did that to avoid unnecessary service fee that is applied in sending international money. But wait a minutes since 5months you did your traditional marriage are you telling me this is the first time he's sending you money?

  5. Na wa o anyways don't let it eat you up just ignore Cux life is too short to be worried about hussy behaviour just live your life and be happy!get a job or start a biz!if he send money fine if not?live ur life.never depend on anyone but God.

  6. Dear poster you misunderstood your husband,you have to understand that sending money in separate ways cost alot that is why he sent it through his sister,if he used WU or money gram or ria he cannot send it separate because it will cost him more tax. And moreover maybe before you he have been sending money through his sister, you need not to bother about it and don't try to control him men don't like it. Allow him to send money through whom he feel like to use.#Ella


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