Thursday, July 2, 2015

My sister is against my partner.

Am 25 years old in still in school .
Am in a relationship and we are planning to get married soon but my sister is against it.
Reasons because he has HND,that i shouldn't marry him and that as long am in school if he trains me, at the end i will be a slave because he saw me through school.

Dear sender,
Whatever anyone feel or think of your partner is only but a perception and their own personal opinion.
You are the best person to decide and ascertain who loves you, who to marry and who truly appreciate your personality.
His course of study, grade of graduation, and place of work isn't as important as who he is, what he loves, what he lives for and his intentions for you.
If you are convinced of his intentions and purpose in life. If he truly respects and appreciates you, if you have found peace, fulfilment and happiness in his personality, then go ahead and encourage your sister not to be afraid or worried about your decision to remain with him.
In all, you are the one who would be getting married, the one who knows what you need.
The one who would dance to the music should you make any mistake.
Take your time to communicate with God instead of listening to your sister and allow him to guide and direct your paths and decisions in this to avoid regrets later in life.


  1. what matters is his focus and positive mind

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  3. Your sister should not tell you what to do. It's your life my dear fellow your heart. #Ella


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