Thursday, July 9, 2015

Do you think he can change?

I have been into relationship since five years ago... 
I lost my virginity to him some years back.... After that he started misbehaving.. 
He do cheat on me which i know, our parents were aware of the relationship.. 
He cheated to the extent, i caught a lady in his house... 
He pleaded which i forgave him... 
When i prayed about the relationship and future.... 
It was said he was the right man for me if I can be patient with his attitude during our courtship...
I tried to be patient:. 
The last time i went to his house, i took the number of that lady he was going out with and chattes with her on WhatsApp... 
The lady was fighting him that he lied to him that he had broken up with me... 
Please ma with what he is doing, do you tink he can change.. 
Cos he promised to marry me even though he is cheating now.

Dear sender,
Who told you that he is the one for you?
Because from what you narrated, I sincerely do not feel comfortable with your opinion with respect to him.
He sleeps around, tell lies in your name and you are still taking his empty promises serious?
What if he infects you, would that be part of the change you seek for?
If he cheats and tell lies, irrespective of his promises, I feel that you may be in the wrong camp.
Why not use your knees this time and pray sincerely you need God's express word not what a man of God said not minding his or her calling.
Marriage is a life time journey so do well to avoid some obvious pitfalls to avoid regrets.


  1. Pray about it and hand it over to GOD. #Ella

  2. A cheat will always be a cheat. Run for ur life sis. All these prophets can destroy someone's life with their prophecies.

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