Thursday, July 9, 2015

My parents are saying no.

Good morning mrs Amara and all avilites, Please help me on this. 
Am a Ghanian though grew up in Nigeria 
Am 30 and he is 36, I've known him for like ten years now though he relocted to another state after two years of our friendshp. 
We cherish each other so much, he's trustworthy, responsible kind and God fearing. 
He's the best I've ever met, my problem now is my parents are saying no to our plans of settling down because am a Ghanian while he's a Nigerian. 
He's willing to go and do the engagement and pay my bride prize in Ghana but still they show no interest. 
But all my life I've not for once dated a Ghanian. 
Am so confuse and need your advice. 
Dear sender,
Parents will always desire to have their children around them which may be the reason for their attitude to your relationship.
This is where you need wisdom and patience to convince your mum about your intentions and heart desires.
You need to approach them and pour your heart to them.
They wouldn't be happy seeing you single with them all in the name that you must marry from one location.
Find out what their fears are and find a way to convince them and assure them that you will always be around.
You may also talk to someone they would definitely respect and listen to,to talk to them and plead for your happiness.
Marriage doesn't have anything to do with where individuals came from but in who the individuals are and what their vision and purpose is for their marriage.
Love conquers all and I believe you shall conquer this when you hold hands with your partner and seek for God's favor and grace to perfect all that concerns you and your marriage.

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