Thursday, July 9, 2015

I don't want to suffer.

Aunty Amara,please am into a relationship with a guy from my place.
He was very open to me,that he wants marriage from me.
I accepted him from my heart with no conditions of money or no money.
But when my parent got to know that its marriage things they were against it.
I saw reasons with them,and we gave ourselves space.
But now he's after me again,he said he won't forgive me if he marries the wrong woman.
I told him to wait since am in 300l so that he won't have much challenges since he's not financially bouyant,which is my fear.
I don't want to suffer

Dear sender,
Tell me, if your parents had approved of the relationship, what fears and worries yould you have of this man?
If your only concern was that he is not as rich as you desire, wouldn't you support him in his vision and encourage him to be a better man?
If you truly love this man as much as he loved you, I know you would humble yourself and seek for ways to be of encouragement to him and even convince your parents of his personality or have your parents provided the husband of your dreams for you.
Every man that is made today had their own peculiar challenges and difficulties, some didn't have a dress to wear or even food to eat.
Someone believed in them so much that they gave what they had to see him succeed.
Their success is what many identify with but only few care to know their struggles.
I am not discouraging you from going for a partner that wouldn't make you suffer but I will remind you that every man you meet today is a work in progress, be careful how you treat them because you may never tell where they will be in the nearest future.
Please seek God's face and don't be in a haste, talk things through with your partner and be responsible for the decisions you make.
Marriage is soo deep to contract your choice of partner to others.
All the best.


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