Thursday, July 9, 2015

I love my hubby but love my ex more

I greet you all the AVlite....... 
Am happily married because my husband loves me so much... 
But before we got married I was dating this guy who I was seriously in love with.. 
He wanted us to get married but his family didn't want him to marry from another tribe.. 
So I got married before him.. 
He attended my wedding with a heavy heart and left even before the reception because he couldnt stand it... 
Now whenever I see him the love I have for this guy is pushing me to do something wrong.. 
He also cries anytime he sees me ... 
Now it brings confusion to me because I love my husband but I love my Ex more... 
I always have the urge to go be with him.. 
what do I do as I want to make my hubby happy at all times and I want to be with him but my heart is failing me.

Dear sender,
Let me remind you of what marital vow states when you wedded to your husband.
You stood in the presence of God with many witnesses and vowed to love your husband not your ex and to cherish your husband in good times and under pressure and circumstances of life to honour him as your head and to stand by him as long as you are married to him forsaking all other men including your ex.
Any thing you do contrary to this vow will attract the wrath of God to you and in most cases you will not only lose your home but will also have no home for yourself.
Irrespective of what you feel for your ex, he has gotten married to another woman and your feelings will only be breaking the home of another woman.
And should your husband find out of your emotional cheating on him, I strongly do not think he would like to stay with you for one second.
If really his tears were anything to go by,he would have cried an ocean to convince his parents that you were his wife.
But nope he couldn't because he may have finished enjoying the cookies your brought to him.
Today he shed tears because he want to enjoy your company at the expense of your home.
You need to wake up young lady and give no room for the devil to make a mess of your home.
The feeling is soo strong and deep and so will the calamity be when your husband finds out your secret yearnigs.
Please stop seeing him, chatting with him or calling him.
Focus more in your home and do not at anytime consider the evil that the devil is cooking for you.
You are married, please submit your feelings heart and body to your husband.
Whatever you feel like sharing with your ex,share them all to your husband.
Celebrate him, pamper him and pour all your love on him.
Pray for him and NEVER you compare him with your ex.
Everything that you shared with your ex should remain behind you and do not resurrect it as it may consume anything you cherish as a woman.
I pray that God will give you the wisdom and understanding to discern the consequences of lusting after your ex and loving your husband selflessly.


  1. Hi! you're married and that I think settles it. If you have waited a bit longer, things might have worked out between yourself and your ex but you got married before him, so it's left for you now to be with your lawfully wedded husband and try your best to keep your home. I'm happy you get the love you desire from your husband, so this might be the time you let your ex out of your mind and face your family and your ex in turn should forget whatever it is you both shared and move ahead except you're considering a divorce which is definitely not going to be funny on the long run. Just seek the face of God in all you do and try thanking God as well for the kind of husband he gave you.

    God bless your home.

  2. Thanks a million Madam Amara, u`ve said it all, dear post a word is enough for the wise.
    As an adage in Igbo says " if u know how to pound, pound in the molter, but if u don`t know how to pound, u pound on the ground", okwu agwu go.


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