Thursday, July 9, 2015

I'm afraid of trusting a lady

Hello Mama, Thanks for the Nice job you doing here, I must confess I'm so blessed through it,
Please ma' a lot has been going on in my Life lately and I decided to ask you and your fans to help me out..
I find it very difficult to trust any lady, any time I try to give it a shot, I just get scared and back out..
I could trust my fellow guys but when it comes to a lady Ma' I just can't trust them, be it as a friend or a lover, cause 90% of me knowing ladies always end up in pains, its either am being lied to or taken for granted and its making me scared of the next girl.
I'll meet along the way..
Could it be because I get to attached and open that's why I easily get lied to? Please how can I get rid of this fear?
Its also affecting my love life, cause I find it hard to genuinely say I love you to a lady, cause of the fear of being taken for granted, I won't say I got Trust issues cause I do Trust, but what I'm facing now is the fear of TRUSTING a lady, every time I want to trust, that feeling of "You'll get hurt" sets in.
Please Help Me

Dear sender,
Sometimes the things you fear most doesn't exist.
Granted that some ladies may have made you feel like you do not deserve love and happiness as a man it would be wrong to assume that the every lady are not trustworthy and that they all tell lies to you.
You said that you do not have trust issues but I feel that you don't really trust in your personality so much that you are not afraid of people's perception of you.
And will never compromise on your attributes as a man who has something to offer.
Take your time to examine yourself. Find our who you are as an individual, because your identity speaks volume of your value.
What can you do? That has to do with your purpose on earth.
When you know who you are and what you can offer in life, you Wouldn't be afraid to approach anyone nor worry at what their reaction maybe.
Remember a man of value commands the respect of others and will naturally attract any one who gets to meet you.
Be bold and confident not by wearing a perfume alone but by knowing what you worth and knowing who you need in life.
What attracts you most in a lady maybe why you're do not meet the right lady.
When all the physical becomes your measure of a beautiful and wonderful lady for you, then you may end up not having the kind of lady who will give you peace of mind and be honest to you.
Go for a lady who knows herself and her value in life not the beautiful and the long legs and voluptuous body.
Go for a lady who fears God and respects others and you will never regret the time and devotion you give to her.
In all relationship is a journey and you will meet different kinds of people and identify them based on their impact to you and your destiny.
Some may be nice while some may be fair until you meet the lady who will be both nice,fair and your wife ,always open your to love and never you be afraid of loving for that is the only way to be rewarded with the best that love gives.
Look up to the giver of love and seek his love and look forward to loving a lady not because she is perfect but because she's a lady who yearn for love and happiness in life.

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