Saturday, July 11, 2015

Does he love me? I'm confused!

Good morning Aunty Amara,
please I tried to post my challengies to you but can't for one week now and I believe you will help me to post this please ma,there was this guy I met in 2008 till 2012 when I said yes to be his friend,he loves me and i love him too.
One day I saw a girl's pictures in his phone and I asked him who the girl was and he told me that she was her cousin that she was the mummy sister's daughter and I should look at the girls face and that of the mother were they not alike then I believed him, last month I went for a burial in their house,their house help gave me pictures to watch and she was explaining the people on the pix who they were,I saw three pictures my guy snapped with that girl I saw in his phone and the house help explained that she was her brother's friend,I was mad,when my guy came in,I asked him why he lied to me,he laughed and explained on how he met the girl,that it was in 2010 when they went for choir competition and was the same year the girl he was dating got married to another man all because he was not working then,so after they presented their own song,this girl rushed to him and told him they sang very well,asked him who he was, then requested for his phone number in case of assistance in her parish because my guy teaches song very well,he swore he didn't ask the girl for friendship though gradually they became friends,these were the questions I asked my man
(1) since you later hooked up with this girl in 2010 why did you keep asking me for friendship from 2008 till when I accepted in 2012 and he answered it was because he loves me,
(2) why didn't you tell me about this girl before/after we started and he answered if he told me then that I won't accept him because he knew me but Aunty my annoyance now is,my man told this girl everything about me but he never told me about this girl,he appologised and told me that it was because he loves me,respects me and he doesn't want to hurt me,he gave me this example,that a married man may have a girlfriend and he will open up to the girl that please am married but he cannot tell hisnwife that he have a girlfriend and that's why he told the girl about me, that I should ask anybody,friends about this and know what they will anwser me.
please ma what do I do? Should I quit him? Tell me the truth does he love me because am confused and I love this guy so much but I can't accept him going out with me and the girl too,please am sorry for a long write up,post and notify me.

Dear sender,
These are the attributes of a cheater, if he could keep her a secret from you,lie to you that she was his cousin and go ahead to defend himself by giving you an illustration of a cheating husband, most likely he will end up a cheating husband.
Relationship is built on trust, sincerity, and mutual communication.
These and many more are lacking in your relationship.
He celebrates her while he label her his cousin. He share every detail of you with her, who knows he might have told her that you ran to him and cried that he give you his number while you date him.
Who knows the lies that he's sharing with you?
I cannot tell whether he loves you but I can tell who loves me not only by the things they say but also by the things they do directly or otherwise.
If he could make her a secret to you, he possibly would make you a secret to her.
If a man truly loves and respects you, they will never withhold the truth from you nor will they keep you in the dark about their past relationships.
Whether you wish to continue or not is your decision to make but always remember,dating a cheat is a gamble that you are never in control of and may not only waste your time but will also hinder you from meeting your husband.


  1. If he truly love you,he will not double date. He is just mixing Oha and Egusi soup together which is very bad. It's upto you if you want to drop from the relationship you know what is good and bad so advice yourself. #Ella

  2. He loves d choir girl more than u,he bares his heart her,tells her everytin but to u he pretends and lies.think of it this way;had it been u didn't find out the way u did,he had no plans of telling u in the nearest future unti he'll look for a silly excuse and brokeup wit.


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