Saturday, July 11, 2015

I am ashamed of snoring

Good day Aunty Amara, .
Am blessed with your page.
I need your advice Ma. I snore while I sleep, especially when I have catarrh, or cold. 
I have tried many things to stop it, like exercise, because some of my friends said is much fat. Am not even too fat, just normal. 
I get ashamed each time I spend the night in a friend's house or relative they will tell me later in the morning I snored deeply, I feel so embarrased. And also men don't like ladies that snore. 
Ma please I need your advice on it or anything you can tell me to work on. 
Thank you Ma, and keep me updated, when it is posted. Remain blessed.

Dear sender,
Snoring is caused as a result of the blockage of the respiratory system of the body. It may also be caused by wrong positioning while asleep or the level of cholesterol in your system.
This makes the body to produce some noise when the person is asleep.
To help you overcome snoring, always use pillow to raise up your head so that your body wouldn't need all the strength to draw air while you sleep.
As for cough and cold, you may need to visit your medical experts to recommend the best therapy for you.
Eat fruits rich in vitamin c,take lots of water and avoid cold drinks. Exercise your body and always use pillow whenever you sleep.
You do not need to change yourself to please anybody instead you need someone who appreciates you irrespective of whatever limitations you may have.
There is absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of because you are only human and anyone else maybe snoring just like you do.
Do not be deterred or discouraged by that, focus more on equipping yourself with the virtues and the skills you need to build a prosperous home and not in how you were while asleep.
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  1. Thank you Ma, and keep me updated, when it is posted. Remain blessed. try zquiet reviews

  2. There's no reason to feel ashamed about snoring... it's not like you're doing it intentionally. And unless your partner is insane, they shouldn't make you feel bad about it either.


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