Friday, July 10, 2015

She insists on court wedding

Good day AVL....please post for and notify me when posted and i need matured advice from you and the audience...
Am a guy in my late 30s,am married but i lost my first wife in a ghastly motor accident along Ibadan express road in 2005,everyone in the bus died including my wife but only my daughter didn't die in the accident but seems my wife protected the little girl and she has no injury in the accident,then my daughter was 1 year one month old then when her mom died but now she is 10yrs old now in Jss 2...
Since then things has been fine with me because have gotten what a man should get in my late 20s and early 30s but it was with my first wife i got all,death just tore us apart...
I later got married in 2009 Dec and i did traditional marriage and my new wife had two kids for me...
i love her so much and she does love me as well...meanwhile i didn't live in Nigeria but i did visit Nigeria every December and go back by February or my family comes around during the kids holiday to visit me and spend a month with me,we both live happily and we lack nothing..
Meanwhile my mom do-say allow my first daughter to live with my newly married wife and that alone pissed me off with my mom,may be she had her reasons i didn't know but people never knew my newly wife is not her biological mother cos they both love themselves...
But the main problem now is that my wife is telling me we must do court marriage and i said NO,i later told her that if you want court marriage you will sponsor the whole scenario and she said she will but i insisted capital No because of my first daughter whose mom is late and i dont know what might happen tomorrow..
I told her  on telephone a week ago,i mean my wife that if all what your were seeibetter what made you think about court marriage,then i will sell all what you are seeing and let us rent a house and you face your work and i face mine and look after the kids...
This was where conflict started...what can i do AVL PLEASE ADVICE...i don't know may be she has gotten bad friends..

Dear sender,
When you return back home, do well to discuss this with her.
Let's avoid making assumptions and discern what made her feel court marriage would make her feel secured and happy.
When you must have discussed this with her, you would know better what's best for you and her.
I feel she may have some fears and worries about tomorrow which was why she sought for her protection and that of your children.
She needs your assurance and your comfort to feel complete with you and not be seen as a lady after your wealth.
Discuss everything with her and then agree with her on what's best and feasible for your family.


  1. Oga,how much does Court Marriage cost kwanu? The legal implications of Traditional Marriage,and Court Marriage are not the same. The tension being caused in your home by this,is unnecessary. You would do well to make some enquiries and restore peace to your home. ‪#Quick‬Downloads™101

  2. Dear poster, i think she might be upto something, i will advise you not to do court marriage with her. What you have to do is to write a will do it in the name of your kids. For your first daughter her name should come first in everything. #Ella

  3. I think she feel she isn't legally married to u and court marriage will seal it all,in dis present generation,people no longer see traditional marriage as the basic of marriage.if u aren't convinced abt her arrangement,pls discuss it well with her and moreover court marriage cost nothing. U just hv to pay for ur certificate,dats all.


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