Friday, July 31, 2015

He lacks the drive I desire.

Hi aunty Amara please I need your advice. 
Am dating a wonderful,nice and caring man that respects me (at least,that's what I see for now). Though he's looking a job he trys in providing my needs (I don't demand from him but he takes care of the minor but basic needs of mine). 
Incidentally I was a victim of harassment at work so I was laid off cos I refused to play ball with my bosses...Am currently job hunting. 
But my worry is, my man lacks the full drive to look for a white collar job ( he does business for now and it's not been moving well at all). 
Now this scares me cos I don't want to be married to a man without the drive but with plenty big dreams . 
Secondly, he still keeps in touch with his ex. He sometime ago blocked her on Facebook but recently unblocked her for reasons he couldn't give. 
Am scared he's not broken this properly and old firewood might catch fire. 
Though he tells me the truth whenever I ask him if she's called recently. But if I don't ask he doesn't tell. 
He says he still has a soft spot for her but he can't go back and he can't lose me cos of her. 
Aunty please what do you think about this aspect before I make a regrettable mistake? 
Thank you

Dear sender,
Even Rose knows that the economy is not rosy. Millions are hunting daily for a white collar jobs which is limited to the very few.
For him to venture into business with his certificate is an indication that he truly desires to push through the challenging moments of his journey.
I feel that what he need more is a partner who would encourage and support him with ideas, suggestions and prayers to enable him prosper in life.
I cannot discern how close he is to his ex but if you feel that it is beyond normal friendship, then you may need to give him some space to sort himself out with her and not make you feel like you were in a competition with another lady.
Do not be discouraged by the challenges you may be experiencing today,hold unto God who's ever faithful and will never disappoint you.
Learn some skills that will expose the entrepreneural capacity in you.
As you apply for offers, encourage your partner to apply by submitting his CV where there may be offers.
Relationship is a partnership of two individuals who are willing to support each other to achieve greatness together in their vision.
Tough times never last,always commit your relationship to God and allow him to guide you to your prosperity in life.

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